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Are you researching your university options and feeling all confuzzled by different university league tables and what they're trying to tell you? Things could be about to get a lot simpler....<br>

<a href="https://www.timeshighereducation.com/news/table-tables-2017-loughborough-catching-elite" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Times Higher Education</a> combines the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide</a>, The Guardian University Guide, and the Complete University Guide to create the ultimate university league table named Tables of Tables ranking the UK's top 30 universities.<br>

The big news is that Loughborough is now ranked ahead of 80% of the twenty-four universities that make up the Russell Group and has also been crowned the top university in the East Midlands by all three national university rankings. <br>
This year Loughborough University has jumped up in the rankings by six places and sits behind Durham in sixth place and surrounded by Russell Group universities.

Professor Robert Allison, Vice-Chancellor of Loughborough University said “it reflects the quality of education we offer, our world-class research and innovation, and the exceptional all-round student experience we provide at the University”.

Tables of Tables Top 10
  1. 1. University of Cambridge
  2. 2. University of Oxford
  3. 3. University of St Andrews
  4. 4. Imperial College London
  5. 5. Durham University
  6. 6. Loughborough University
  7. 7. London School of Economics
  8. 8. University of Warwick
  9. 9. Lancaster University
  10. 10.University of Surrey

So what do TSR members think about Loughborough University?

"It is a large university with high level education at every type of degree you want to pursue, and once you get used to it, it becomes a very welcoming and friendly environment which promotes diversity, education, innovation and student voice to be heard". izalackowska

"All I can say is if you want to have a great uni life and also want to have a good time on your course, then Loughborough definitely has those things sorted". timtti
My university experience has been excellent despite initially being very nervous about meeting new people etc as well as living away from home. The uni offers really good support services as well as the accommodation service which will help with properties both on and off campus. samcheema
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"As an engineering student, I've had my fair share of work over my 3 years at Loughborough so far yet have managed to be sociable, make loads of friends and take on some new sports and societies i'd never tried before. Everyone is welcoming at Loughborough and theres nowhere i'd rather have gone now that i've had a chance to visit old friends at other universities." Authentic
"It really prepares you for what working as an engineer is like in the real world. It's based on both on theory and largely on hands on skill." smariah
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