Sponsored feature, words by Fay Millar

If you’re thinking about what degree to study, enjoy solving puzzles and want to be at the forefront of future innovations, engineering might just be the thing for you. Think driverless cars, the Dubai Opera House and the Singapore Grand Prix– all have been worked on by world-class engineers.

It doesn’t matter what field of engineering you choose – civil, mechanical, computer, aeronautical, electrical, chemical, structural – you will get the chance to work on what you are passionate about and be at the forefront of making things happen. Imagine being part of the team that helped build the Shard, one of the engineers who helped construct the Channel Tunnel or who developed smartphones.

Basically in engineering you get to do some really cool stuff and if you’re logical, analytical and enjoy problem-solving it could be a fantastic career option for you.

But if you’re still not convinced it’s the right path for you, take a look at what Atkins Global has to say about why it’s such a rewarding career to have. The world-renowned design engineering and project management consultancy has a wealth of experience and will be recruiting 300 graduates and 90 apprentices in 2017 as well as offering 130 placements.

Engineering is all around us

Engineering is all about making things happen and is literally everywhere. It’s not just buildings, bridges, roads and railways, it’s in medicine, computing, mobiles, clothes, national security and renewable energy.

Pursuing a career in engineering could allow you to contribute to new energy sources, produce clean water systems and tackle climate change.

Stacy Fletcher, from Atkins, says: “We work on projects of all types and sizes. From small to large and on things that really matter. Our engineers have been instrumental in the Crossrail development, Birmingham New Street and Burj Al Arab to name just a few.

“Wherever you look, whatever way you turn you will see something that has been conceived by talented engineers.”


You’ll never get bored

The world of engineering is constantly evolving with new challenges cropping up all the time. Whatever sphere you decide to work in there will be problems to solve, questions to answer and difficulties to overcome.

Plus, you’ll have a great sense of achievement at the end of project. You’ll be able to look at it and say: “I built that!”

Lots of career prospects

As a graduate engineer there are lots of opportunities for you to hone your skills and gain experience. You can work towards chartered engineer status and specialise in an area you are passionate about. You can go from being a team member to leading projects or even set up your own consultancy. You can also move into managerial or board of directors positions as your career progresses.

Katie Cockerton from Atkins says: “There are opportunities for graduates and apprentices across our global network. Working for us gives you the chance to be part of an inspirational and exciting team. We offer a variety of career development programmes which allow you to increase your skills, experience and ultimately to move up the ladder.”

It’s a career that allows you to collaborate with others

Engineering is a very integrated profession allowing you to collaborate with other professionals such as lawyers, scientists, doctors, government officials and statisticians. It is not an insular profession and you will get to meet people from all walks of life during the course of your career.

The salary is pretty good too…

There is a shortage of engineers in the UK and according to the Royal Academy of Engineering the country will need 100,000 STEM subject graduates a year until 2020 just to maintain current employment numbers.

Currently, the UK only produces 90,000 a year so anyone who is qualified is very much in demand. A graduate starting salary with Atkins is £27,079 and chartered engineers can earn an average of £62,386 a year. This compares very favourably with the mid-career annual salary in the UK of £26,000.

If you’re interested in a career in engineering with Atkins try out their engineering quiz.

For more information on a career with Atkins Global visit http://careers.atkinsglobal.com/