How can the tuition fee system be made more fair? How can marking standards be improved? What can be done to improve sex education in schools?

When we asked members of The Student Room to post their questions for education secretary Justine Greening, you came back with a huge response.

We armed TSR member perfectbrew4 with as many of those questions as possible and waved her off to Westminster where she sat down with the education secretary to talk about the things that matter to today's students.

See what Justine Greening had to say by watching the interview in full here, or go straight to specific questions by watching the clips below.

...on GCSE and A-level exam reform

Most university courses today are modular and include coursework dissertations. Why is the government moving in the opposite direction with end of course exam assessment for GCSEs and A-levels? Is it really possible to judge two years of learning in two 90 minute exams?

Asked by: Quamquam123, 04MR17, Aph, toronto353, LoveTheDivergent
Do you agree that the exam system tests your ability to revise rather than your deep understanding? What can be done to make assessment more about understanding and less about memory?

Asked by: Aph
In the new GCSE grading, is it fair that a 9 will be regarded by many as equivalent to an A* when in fact it is more difficult to achieve?

Asked by: Nirvana1989-1994
How can students have faith in the accuracy of the reformed remarking process when many of us have experiences of marks changing drastically due to poor marking? How can poor marking be prevented in the future?

Asked by: Edminzodo

...on mental health support and sex education

Recent reports have pointed to the growing number of mental health issues experienced by students. What can you do to support these students in reaching their potential?

Asked by: CheeseIsVeg, _4everfaithful__
With a growing proportion of students identifying as something other than heterosexual, are there any plans to encourage schools to introduce more inclusive and realistic sex education?

Asked by: 04MR17, harrisonchar, LoveTheDivergent, clonedmemories

...on tuition fees

According to a recent report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, each generation is becoming progressively poorer. Bearing this in mind, do you think the continued increase in tuition fees is fair, especially for students from low-income families?

Asked by: CPS23, AlexS101, Gba
Is there a danger that that having a massive debt to pay off at the end of university makes it more likely that the best graduates will choose to go for jobs with the best pay rather than those of more direct benefit to society (such as teaching)?

Asked by: Aliccam
Would you consider extending tuition fee and maintenance loans to British students who want to study for a degree abroad so they can take advantage of the lower cost of university in Europe?

Asked by: Snufkin

...on grammar schools

Why does the secretary of state support the idea of grammar schools when so many educationalists and educational organisations are against these reforms?

Asked by: Quamquam123, Strimpy
What can be done to ensure that grammar schools are used to enhance social mobility, particularly for underachieving groups like white working-class males?

Asked by: LoveTheDivergent

...on technical education

There is a serious shortage of engineers in the UK. What improvements can you make to technical and vocational education to help produce more skilled technicians and engineers?

Asked by: james813