This was the discussion thread set up on The Student Room by griffyndor_02.
The responses are illuminating.
Some are brutal (‘your breath stinks’), some just critical (‘this is not marking, a tick is not marking’) and some charming (‘your lessons are the highlight of my week’).
Together they provide a unique student perspective on the world of the classroom.

1. Please keep to the point

Stop talking about Trump and teach me actual physics please, I need to pass.
- Anonymous#1
<img width="25%" align="right" src="" alt="Kitty Cats" style="margin-right: 20px; margin-left: 20px; margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px;">
As much as you love your cats, they’re nothing to do with chemistry
- KhaleeiStorm
Why are you telling me about your husband, your kid, your aunt, your wife? I don’t care about your life, I care about my grades.

2. Sometimes you just need to shut up

If you're going to just read off a powerpoint slide, I can do that myself - why do I have to be here?
- AshEntropy
This is the 1000th time you've said the word Zeitgeist; please stop
- Anonymous#2
Can you shut up and let us work. We get it - you love your own voice
- FalconStorm
3. Don’t appear to have favourites

I really, really hate how you look at me with the venom of a snake but you give your favourite all the help in the world
- peachie_
Your favouritism is see-through
- AlexS101
4. Don’t make me feel stupid

I struggle to speak up in class because I'm scared of doing or saying something stupid
- Frizbee
If I ask you to please explain something to me again, don't look at me like I'm dumb, it's your job to help
- peachie_
Please stop picking on me, my A grade is from memorizing; I don't remember anything after 6 months.
- Applepiex3
5. Treat me with respect

Why do you set homework and not mark it! And why write on the whiteboard in faint whiteboard marker (specifically red - why red why??)
- bizzy_penguin
When I need to go to the toilet I MEAN IT – I really didn’t need to go at break
- frostee
A little empathy can go a long way. I think teachers forget they were once young and maybe had difficulties or insecurities when they were younger too.
- Spock’s Socks
6. Motivate me

Improvement is a thing. Stop telling me to be happy with my B grade and not to reach for that A. What kind of teacher doesn't motivate their students to improve, and refuses to help them improve?
- flyingpanda
Just because somebody you know didn't get into vet school doesn't mean I can't.
Thanks for ruining a childhood dream btw.
- Khaliseestorm
If you could actually mark my homework, rather than forgetting about it, that would be great.
- Anonymous#2
7. Be consistent

Don't single me out or treat me differently based on how you're feeling that day
- Clarafehybelle
Teacher: 'I'll be setting homework every lesson, it's your duty to hand it in on time, it's not my A level that you’re working towards – it’s yours. I won't be chasing any students for homework – you’re old enough to handle your own responsibilities.'

Three Weeks Later...

Dad: ‘Son I just received a phone call from your maths teacher; she said you haven't done 11 homework tasks she's assigned to you. Why aren’t you doing her homework?’
- Naughty 1
8. Watch your personal hygiene

Your breathe stinks!
- Nuggetsarelife
9. I think I love you

I love you.
Not in an inappropriate way, but teachers are professionally obliged to take that sort of comment the wrong way, no?
- AKinkAdmirer
<img width="40%" align="right" src="" alt="apple for teacher" style="margin-right: 20px; margin-left: 20px; margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px;">

I'd like to tell my music tutor at college that I love him or have a mad crush on him but I can't because I've got no chance
- Judge Jules
I want to sleep with you
- hezzlington
10. Thanks!

Your lessons are the highlight of my week and I feel so lucky to have you as my teacher
- princesshan
History teachers: I love you guys, you seriously make me so happy and willing to come to school, even on the days I don't want to live. You take an interest in my own life, make time to chat and help me with things outside of class
- Khaliseestorm
I was always a nervous, shy and introverted student and your patience helped me grow in confidence and excel academically. I cannot thank you enough
- S2301
I would love my languages teachers of 15-20 years ago to know that thanks to their efforts, 20 years on I can now speak the language near-fluently. Sometimes I think teaching modern foreign languages to a bunch of disinterested kids must be a really thankless job, but I'd just love them to know that it was their lessons and dedication alone that got me speaking this language, and it's made a big difference to my life. Thanks to all of you.