Have you ever wondered which universities get the most airtime on TSR?

We looked back into the university forums with the most posts made in 2016, and the most-talked-about unis were as follows…

12. University of Manchester

Posts made: 3,600

University of Manchester
Manchester offers a brilliant selection of museums, restaurants and music venues, rating highly as one of the best student cities to live in – plus vegetarianism was actually invented there 200 years ago! Manchester Uni is also the only place IN THE WORLD where you can obtain a degree in ‘Mummy Studies’ – the study of ancient Egyptian mummies.

Some of Manchester’s most popular threads include:

What’s it like living in Manchester?

What you wish you were told before starting Manchester uni?

Non-drinking freshers?

11. University of Edinburgh

Posts made: 3,759

University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh boasts a striking castle, historic old town and huge annual events (New Year’s Hogmanay, to name one). Not only this, but did you know that the university is home to a total of SEVENTEEN libraries? You’ll certainly never be short of study resources there!

Some of Edinburgh’s most popular threads include:

How posh is Edinburgh?

Edinburgh accommodation 2016/17

Primary Education Edinburgh Interview

10. University of Bristol

Posts made: 4,406

University of Bristol
With its vibrant nightlife, thriving music scene and boundless green spaces to relax, it’s no wonder Bristol won the ‘What Uni?’ award for best student-rated city life in 2015. The Richmond building, Bristol’s student union, is also the largest purpose-build SU in the country – its floor area is equivalent to almost four full-size football pitches. Oh, and the nostalgia-inducing drink Ribena was actually invented at the university too.

Some of Bristol’s most popular threads include:

Job prospects with a degree at Bristol

Ask a current Bristol student!

Bristol University for a shy girl?

9. University of Nottingham

Posts made: 4,503

University of Nottingham
Offering over 200 societies and 70 sports clubs at its SU, the city of Nottingham itself is also famous for gifting HP sauce, traffic lights and even the first MRI machine to the world.

Some of Nottingham’s most popular threads include:

Is Nottingham uni considered "prestigious"?

Nottingham on a Saturday night

Ask a Current Nottingham Student

8. Durham University

Posts made: 6,255

Durham Cathedral
With its name translating literally to ‘hill island’ in Old English and Old Norse, the city’s 11th-century castle, medieval Crook Hall and Norman cathedral certainly entice many visitors – just don’t climb to the top of the cathedral before graduation, as students claim it’s a bad omen!

Some of Durham’s most popular threads include:

Is Durham the best after Oxbridge?

Scarves and Durham

Why do Durham people love Durham so much?

7. King’s College, London

Posts made: 6,568

Kings College London
King’s College is renowned for its cutting-edge research; 12 people who have worked or studied at King’s and its constituent institutions have been awarded Nobel Prizes. KCL is the fourth oldest uni in England and four out of its five campuses are located besides the Thames.

Some of KCL’s most popular threads include:

The good, bad and the ugly of KCL

Is KCL much better than Durham?

Can I get into KCL with these GCSEs?

6. University of Warwick

Posts made: 6,611

University of Warwick
Winning ‘University of the Year’ back in 2015, Warwick Uni has an array of famous alumni, including the likes of Sting, Germaine Greer and Steven Merchant.

Some of Warwick’s most popular threads include:

Potential Introverted Warwick freshers

Are there any "posh" activities at Warwick?

I’m a second-year biomedical scientist AMA

5. Imperial College, London

Posts made: 8,434

Imperial College
Imperial features highly in many of the league tables (Times Higher Education ranked it 3rd in Europe and 8th in the world!), but did you know the band Queen were actually formed on-site? Brian May placed an advert for a drummer on the Union noticeboard, and the rest became rock history…

Some of Imperial’s most popular threads include:

How hard was it to get into Imperial?

How long did it take for Imperial to give you an offer?

Just graduated from Imperial College, AMA!

4. University College, London

Posts made: 10,588

University College London
UCL, founded in 1826, was the first university opened in London, intended to open education up to those who had previously been excluded from it. UCL also lays claim to being the first English university to admit and award degrees to women, in 1878.

Some of UCL’s most popular threads include:

ACTUAL week in the life of UCL student...

Foundation year in UCL, is it worth it?

UCL interview dress code?

3. London School of Economics

Posts made: 10,917

London School of Economics
Priding itself as being ranked 2nd in THE WORLD for social sciences, don’t be fooled by the name; LSE offers a diverse range of courses, including media, philosophy and history. It also showcases its diversity on its sleeve – over 100 languages are said to be spoken on campus, and LSE has a network of over 160,000 alumni from 190 countries.

Some of LSE’s most popular threads include:

Why is LSE seen as more desirable?

How hard is it to get into LSE?

Current LSE student, AMA!

2. University of Oxford

Posts made: 22,919

University of Oxford Great Hall
Established back in the 12th century, Oxford’s medieval architecture led poet Matthew Arnold to name it the ‘City of Dreaming Spires’. Stairs for the Great Hall at Christ Church College inspired and were later used as the stairs to enter Hogwarts’ Great Hall in the Harry Potter books and films.

Some of Oxford’s most popular threads include:

Are my grades good enough for Oxford?

I'm an American considering applying to Oxford

I've been offered admission, but I can't afford it

And the winner is… *drum roll*

… The University of Cambridge

Posts made: 54,248

University of Cambridge
It regularly sits atop of the league tables, but Cambridge uni has now won first place on our list too! Known for its picturesque scenery and hordes of bicycles, Cambridge University also has a grand total of 31 colleges, three of which are single sex. Lucy Cavendish, Newnham and Murray Edwards only admit women.

Some of Cambridge’s most popular threads include:

What do you want to know about Cambridge?

Do you ever regret going to Cambridge University?

Which college to pick?

Have you applied to any of these universities? Or maybe you're already studying at one?

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