It’s that time of year again where Cupid rears his chubby head and everything in your local shop is covered in hearts or cheesy declarations of love. I for one am single this year for Valentine’s Day and to be honest, I'm actually really happy about it. I'm sure my Instagram feed will be full girls clutching bouquets of flowers and hashtags like #luckygirl #boydidwell, but I can't see myself getting sucked into it all this year. Why? Because being single on Valentine’s Day can actually be great and here’s why.
Saving your money.

As students, every penny counts, so you don’t want be wasting your last tenner on a big bunch of flowers or an overpriced dinner. When you’re single you don’t have to worry about any of this and your wallet will thank you for it.

"Last year I spent so much money on gifts on Valentine’s Day, only to break up with my boyfriend a few weeks later. This year I’ll definitely being saving my money and staying in with the girls!"
I don't have to spend all my money on someone, and I can have a hella fun self love day. I'm thinking a face mask, a serious Netflix binge, plenty of films, plenty of food, and a few drinks.
You don’t have to meet any romantic expectations.

When you’re in a relationship, you end up dragging your partner out to a nice restaurant only to be sandwiched in between a couple who are going a little too heavy on the PDA and another who have been bickering since their starters. You had this evening built up in your head to be more like something out of a Nicholas Sparks’ film, but it’s failing to even come close. But when you’re single, you have no Valentines expectations so you don’t have to live up to anything. No pressure.

Discounted sweets and chocolate.

Let’s be honest, all students love a bargain. A great trick to remember is that the day after Valentine’s Day sweets are radically reduced, so why not treat yourself to some chocolatey goodness. It might be packaged in a cringey red heart but it’ll still be delicious.

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It’s all about you.

Instead of feeling anxious about whether your partner will like the gift you got them or being dragged along to a soppy Rom-Com, you can instead spend the day looking after yourself. Finish off that series on Netflix, catch up on school work or treat yourself to some new shoes. Enjoy your own company and do you.

Junk food and the LOTR trilogy extended edition on blu ray. Can’t wait.
It’s an excuse to buy copious amounts of food without being judged…I ain’t complaining.
MY valentines day consists of going down to watch the Villa, couldn't ask for a better valentines day, who needs a girlfriend!
-Rock Fan
You can head out with your mates instead.
Ditch the date and spend the day with your friends. Why not head to the cinema, go to Nando’s or go see some live music. Be with the people that you love in a non-romantic way. If you’re at uni, why not hit the SU. Being a student means that you’re not stuck being weekend warrior and can hit the bars any day of the week. So no matter what day Valentine’s Day falls on, you can get on the Jägerbombs, have a bit of a flirt and bust out the moves to some Ri Ri.

Most of the time I just go out with friends! You guys should too. Keep yourselves surrounded by positive energy.
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What are your Valentines Day plans? <br>
Have you had any Valentine nightmares? <br>
Or are you all about the love?<br>