We teamed up with sex and relationships YouTuber Hannah Witton to get to the bottom of your dating dilemmas...

<h2>...And here's what she had to say!</h2>

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Multiple members jumped in to submit their questions for Hannah, but here's the ones she answers in the video:

"Do you think it is important to be comfortable/happy with yourself before going into a serious relationship?"
asked by: Airmed

Why do you think some girls expect guys to give them oral, but they don't want to do it to them?
asked by: BigMan Ting

How do you deal with a guy who doesn't quite get the idea that you're not interested in him? I've literally told it to his face (I'm asexual) and he's still asking me out to dinner…
asked by: Anon

What advice would you give when a guy is in a relationship with his gf, but in his mind, he is thinking about someone else, but he doesn't want to break his gf's heart. Should he leave her for the other girl, or continue with his current relationship, and try fix it?
asked by: Google22

How do you deal with unrealistic crushes? (on people you know but hardly speak to or those it's difficult to spend time with them etc. not like celebrities)
asked by: Lizzy0100

Did Hannah answer one of your questions? Have you watched any of her other videos? Join in the discussion below!