Revision season is upon us!

And if you’re currently studying for your English Lit GCSE, three words you’re probably sick of hearing are An Inspector Calls…

But don’t throw your copy out the window just yet - we’ve pulled together a handy collection of the best community-created study tools, so you can fill your brain with the juicy knowledge that other students have tried and tested (and written!) before.

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The story overall

  • A detailed break-down of the play in its entirety with key themes and concepts discussed. Includes an impressive selection of useful quotations and key notes on the main characters too. Teacher recommended and rated five stars by lots of students – a great place to start.

  • This one's a mind-map delving into the context of the story – why it was written and other things happening in society at the time that could have influenced it. Rated five stars, easy to read and understand and very handy for making quick notes.

  • Probably the most useful resource you’ll ever come across! This 34-page (yes, really!) dissection of the play explores the key themes of the story, summarises each act AND takes an in-depth look at each character. Quotes are also included, with a close study of some of the characters’ traits and motives. A favourite with both teachers and other students, who have rated it five stars, naturally.

  • If you're interested in the different themes evident within the play, this one's for you! Easy to follow as supported by short, easily-memorable quotes, plus it's teacher-recommended and rated five stars.

  • A complete analysis of the play; themes, dramatic effect, characters, context AND plot are all discussed in this long – but very useful – study resource.

Notes on the characters

  • This one's a bullet point summary of each of the main characters’ personalities and roles in the story. A short and sweet resource of handy pointers about each character – useful if you don’t have time to go back through the book in detail and want to jog your memory.

  • A very detailed mind-map with notes on all main characters, to make it easier for you to get down the basics at a quick glance. Easy to understand and showcasing that sweet five star rating!

  • A 16-page life-saver giving examples of key quotes for every main character. Thoughtfully split into ‘Act One’ and ‘Act Two’ sections with brief explanations after each. Is rated five stars and is teacher recommended, so you know you’re in good hands.

The Inspector
  • A short but in-depth summary of The Inspector specifically, to give you an insight into his personality and distinct traits he portrays. Rated five stars by other students, who've found this resource particularly handy before.

  • A teacher-recommended mind map for quick revision of key quotes and theories regarding Inspector Goole - good for visual-learners or those who find colour-coding useful.

Gerald Croft

So those were our favourites - have you found any other useful study tools?

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