Romeo and Juliet might be one of Shakespeare’s most-loved works, but after combing through it every day during revision season, you probably have a different opinion!

To give you more opportunity to have some fun in the sun, we’ve rounded up a collection of the best study tools created by our community, to make revising Romeo and Juliet that little bit more enticing for you.

Our study tools - including flash cards, mind maps and revision notes - are all created on site, and are rated out of five by other students and even teachers to let you know how helpful they'll be.

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Then you're free to create your own tools here, or explore some of these useful ones we've found below:

PowerPoint: the full play

Romeo and JulietAn amazingly insightful PowerPoint presentation that you can download onto your desktop. This presentation explores each act individually, as well as each character’s personality and the themes evident throughout. Definitely a great place to start.

Flash cards: key ideas and quotes

Romeo and JulietThis 19-page collection of revision cards dissects the prologue, key themes, language and characters of the play, and is helpfully split up into sections to make it easier to understand.

Revision notes: language techniques

Romeo and JulietAn in-depth study of the overall style of the play. Great if you're wanting to examine the language techniques in much more detail, whilst also getting some knowledge on the themes and characters too.

Flash cards: events and acts

Romeo and JulietDon’t be fooled by its lower rating; this 5-page collection of flash cards is really great for locating the acts in which different events occur. Really useful if you need your memory jogging but don’t have time to read the whole text.

Essay: the theme of conflict

Romeo and JulietA short-but-sweet, detailed essay on the theme of ‘conflict’ in the play, and the way in which it’s portrayed. If you’re looking for some guidance for your coursework, or maybe just to understand this particular theme in general, this essay is a brilliant resource to aid your understanding.

Notes on the characters

Romeo and JulietAll characters

A super-helpful and informative guide to all the characters in the play – start here if you’re looking to jot down key elements about each character.


Rated 5 stars and teacher-recommended, this short but simple guide is really useful to point out the key points about one of the play’s main characters, and showcases some appropriate key quotes.


This colour-coded mind map is really useful for anyone looking to understand more about Tybalt’s character. It explores his prominent character traits, how he connects with the themes of the play and his relationship with others.

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