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EasyJet Founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou, former US presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and Tony Fernandes, chairman of Queens Park Rangers FC – they’re all top of their game when it comes to business and they all have a business degree.

And we bet you’d probably like to see your name up there alongside these business rock stars too.

Maybe you’re itching to follow in their footsteps and cement your place alongside the scions of industry or perhaps you’re determined to carve your own path to entrepreneurial success. Whatever your inspiration and motivation you can give yourself a roaring head start and achieve greatness with a first-rate business degree.

The Student Room has teamed up with De Broc School of Business to show you just how versatile and useful a business degree can be.

<h3>Mix and match means you study what interests you</h3>

There’s nothing worse than being in a lecture theatre and feeling your eyelids grow heavy because the subject you’re learning is just so boring, right? Who wants to spend three years at uni like that? A business degree that offers pathways is flexible so as you progress you can change what you study. It’s also fun too because you get to learn about real business issues happening now – Why is the price of chocolate shooting up? What can be done to make big business more environmentally conscious and profitable at the same time? What will Brexit really mean for European trade?

Employability Manager Jo Lozinska, from De Broc School of Business, which offers degrees in business management with pathways in finance, marketing and human resource management, says: “You want to study something which ignites your passions, which interests you. Business degrees are very diverse and allow you to follow many different routes – the first year of a course is the same but it is flexible so if your career aspirations change, you are able to switch pathways to help you achieve your ambitions.”

<h3>Practical experience equips you for work</h3>

At the heart of any business degree is the aim of getting you a great job when you finish. Business schools usually have excellent links with industry and you’ll gain practical as well as classroom experience in the form of internships, talks or workshops from business leaders, and the chance to practise your skills in real-life scenarios, all with the support of qualified tutors who have industry experience. It will give you a real chance to put what you’ve learned in theory into action.

De Broc School of Business Employability Manager, Jo Lozinska says: “Helping you become employable is a central aim of our business degrees and is embedded in every aspect of our courses. De Broc is a business school which offers real degrees for the real world, and helps you to develop the knowledge and skills needed for your future career. The employment-focused courses offer a unique academic experience.”

<h3>Get an international perspective</h3>

The world might not be shrinking physically but thanks to the internet and modern technology we’re more connected than ever before. Business isn’t just confined to one town or city, it’s global and so you need a global perspective to succeed.

Your business degree will reflect the worldwide nature of business with modules specifically on this topic.

<h3>High chance of landing a job when you graduate</h3>

Let’s face it, every university claims great employability when you leave. Yet what does that really mean? You can have percentages thrown about like Smarties, but what you really want to know is how easy is it to get a job at the end of it all?

You’ll be pleased to hear a business degree is highly valued. Most students get a good professional job within six months of graduating. De Broc School of Business, where the business school is part of The University of Law, which was voted first for overall satisfaction in the 2016 National Student Survey.

<h3>Work in an industry you love</h3>

You don’t want to spend three years slogging your guts out only to end up in a job you hate. Luckily, a business degree is so versatile that you can move into pretty much any industry you want.

Yes, there are the usual suspects like finance and accounting, business management and human resource management but there are loads of other cool jobs you can have too. You could end up working in TV, publishing, magazines or newspapers. You might not be at the creative sharp end but you’ll need a solid understanding of the business in which you work. Who knows, if you’re a football fanatic you could work on the business side of a Premiership football team...

De Broc School of Business has places available for study in September 2017. <h3>For more information, visit https://debroc.ac.uk/</h3>