Sponsored feature, words by Fay Millar
Like most of the country, you’ve probably had enough of all the general election shenanigans. But almost three quarters of young people who are registered to vote went to the polling stations this year to make their voices heard – which quite frankly is bloody brilliant.

We know you care deeply about your future – the general election turnout certainly showed that. Maybe it has inspired you to get involved in politics. If not politics, then maybe it has made you feel passionate about something else like public policy, economics or diplomacy. Could a career in one of these areas beckon?

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The <a href="https://www.soas.ac.uk/">SOAS University of London</a>is a good place to start – they have a fab range of options in politics, African culture and languages, social sciences, economics, international studies and Middle East studies to name just a few.

They’ve helped us at TSR take a look at what’s going in politics now the election is done and dusted and how the different political parties might inspire you to follow a different career path.

<h3>What policies could inspire you?</h3>

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First you have Theresa May – who let’s face it is probably still feeling rubbish about the election results – they didn’t exactly go her way and now the country is hanging in the balance. What does her party say?

1. Fees - Theresa May, as it stands has no plans to abolish tuition fees or reintroduce grants which could leave you in tens of thousands of pounds of debt.

2. Horizons could be narrower - Coming out of the single market means that it could seriously affect the ability for you to live, study and work in Europe.

3. Social care policy – The Tories may have backtracked over this one but they were suggesting the elderly should pay for their own social care and their houses be sold (after death) to cover the costs, leaving their estate with £100k

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<h3>Most likely to inspire you to study economics, politics, social sciences, or law</h3>
Then you have The Labour Party’s Jeremy Corbyn. Now leader of his party he takes a different stance.

1. Uni fees would be scrapped so you can carry on learning for free.

2. Outlawing zero hours contracts - Corbyn wants to put an end to zero hour contracts, ban unpaid internships and bring the minimum wage to at least £10 an hour by 2020.

3. Voting age - It’s a big frustration for young people that the voting age is currently 18. Corbyn wants to lower it to 16.

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<h3>Most likely to inspire a degree in politics, development studies, social anthropology or international relations</h3>
<h3>Lib Dems</h3>
Tim Farron has fallen on his sword and resigned as leader and the party didn’t make much headway at the general election despite calling for a softer Brexit.
Brexit – The Lib Dems want a second referendum on Brexit or at least a softer Brexit and for the UK to remain in the single market. They also want to retain free movement of EU citizens.

1. Benefits – They want the cuts to universal credit reversed and housing benefit reinstated for 18-21-year-olds.

2. They want to legalise and regulate cannabis as well as bring in a new cannabis tax to raise £1 billion a year.

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<h3>Most likely to inspire a career in development studies or international management</h3>
Green Party leaders Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley had a manifesto to create a “kind and caring Britain” but did they float your boat?
1. Phase in a four day working week and increase minimum wage to £10
2. Ban letting fees and build 100,000 social houses by 2022
3. Re-nationalise railways and refuse expansion of Heathrow
Most likely to inspire a degree in world philosophies, geography or anthropology

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Whoever you backed and whatever you are inspired to do there’s one thing to say about this last general election – it’s certainly got more people interested in the big issues of the day. It’ll make you think and be more conscious about what you choose for your future.
For more information about studying at SOAS visit <a href="https://www.soas.ac.uk/">https://www.soas.ac.uk/</a>