Web Legend: Winner revealedtheUKdomain

Our huge Web Legend competition has come to a close and it's time to announce the winner.

In partnership with The UK Domain and domain name provider ecohosting, we challenged members of the TSR community to build their own website and create a blog of their experiences.

The winner would claim a fantastic prize: a shiny new Apple MacBook Air worth more than £1,000.

But you didn't need to be a web design wizard to have a chance of winning; first prize would go to the person who did the best job of sharing their site-building experience with the TSR community by blogging within our Web Legend forum.

Our judges have decided upon a winner, and we're delighted to announce that TSR member MBash has emerged victorious.

MBash's blog - Mental Health in Today's Society- Best Blog Yet! told MBash's story of building a mental health support site, Shine Bright.

This blog stood out for its regular, detailed updates, with topics covering every aspect of MBash's experience of creating a website.

"Blogging my journey of creating my website has been absolutely fantastic! I am incredibly passionate about mental health and creating blogs about a website about Mental Health for Teenagers was amazing! The journey of creating blogs has not only been fun but its been insightful whilst giving me the opportunity to review the progression of my website. I never knew I would actually.. actually win the competition! I entered this competition to try something new, something I haven't tried before. I have learnt a lot along the way and to win this competition also is something I cannot explain in words. I want to thank the TSR team for giving me this opportunity!" said MBash.

"Congratulations to MBash on being the winner of the Web Legend competition," said TSR community manager Mhairi Underwood.

"Their blog about building their own mental health website showed a huge amount of care and dedication; both in relation to the subject matter of their website, which they’re clearly very passionate about, but also in their mission to share their experience in building it. Their posts were consistent, detailed and creative.

"It’s very clear how much time and love they’ve invested here, and that they’ve really pushed themselves to create the best website possible."

Click through to the Web Legend forum to see all the entries in the competition. And if you've been inspired to created your own website, make sure you check out the student package offered by ecohosting: your chosen .uk domain name for one year, website hosting for one year, a free Student Advantage card for two years, and much more besides - all for just £14.99.