Internship in London

Moving to a big city like London can seem daunting, and probably even more so if you’ve found a place at a London university through Clearing and have limited time to get yourself organised. But don’t panic! Here are a few tips if you have just secured a London uni place through the Clearing process:

• One of the first things on your mind will no doubt be sorting out accommodation. Even if you haven’t been able to secure a place in uni-run accommodation, your uni will have a housing office that will be able to give you some advice. They’ll know all about the local housing market and may also be able to recommend some good private landlords and letting agents.

• When choosing whereabouts in London to live being close to your uni campus may feel like a top priority, but some savvy thinking can help! For example, look at which Tube lines are nearest to your university and consider whether there is somewhere on those Tube lines that would be a suitable area. The CityMapper app is great for working out the quickest way to get from one place to another, which will help you in your accommodation planning.

• You will need to update your student finance body with the details of where you'll be studying. This is especially important, as if you're going to be studying in London you may be entitled to slightly more in maintenance loans.

• It can be reassuring to try and make some connections with fellow students before you make the big move to London. A good way to do this is to use social media sites to connect will others who are in the same position as you. Check out whether The Student Room, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, have a group for your university, or for your course of study.

• You’ll no doubt be excited by the prospect of soon being in London with all the adventures and opportunities that the city can offer. But so much choice and variety can also be overwhelming! Sites such as Time Out can give you a really good idea of what London can offer in terms of gigs, cinemas, theatre and much much more.

• When you tell people that you’ll going to be moving to London in a few weeks’ time it’s likely that some people have responded along the lines of “That’s going to be expensive!” But there are ways to make your money go further in the capital. For example students in London can get 30% off train and bus travelcards , some great sites for restaurant discounts , London’s great bicycle scheme (which you may find is more suited to your commute than the tube) and various other money-saving schemes.

Finally, remember that you are not alone! Around 1 in 8 students now find their university place through the Clearing process, and this number is increasing each year. This means that there are many thousands of students in London who have come through the clearing process.

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