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Looking for a game to settle down with over the festive season?

We've trawled through the best deals on the top online stores to find the best gaming bargains.

Here's the result: 10 of the biggest games of 2012 - each at under £25. Bargain!

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£21.49 (X360, PS3); £21.34 (PC) Amazon

Assassin's Creed with a steampunk twist. Kind of. Dishonored is undoubtedly one of the games of the year, and, though it has only been out five minutes it can already be found for cheap.

While dishing out five stars out of five in its review, The Telegraph said: "However you choose to approach Dishonored, it's a game that asks you to think, plan, be smart. It's a wonderfully empowering game because of this."

Borderlands 2

£24.99 (X360, PS3); £19.99 (PC) Play

Topping 2009's remarkable Borderlands was a big ask, but this sequel from 2K Games pulled it off. Once you've bossed the hours and hours of gameplay, there's some great downloadable extra content to be had, too.

G4TV didn't hold back: Borderlands 2 is a better game than Borderlands in every imaginable way."

F1 2012

£22.99 (PS3); £27 (X360); £20.39 (PC) Amazon

None of the professionals can topple Vettel, so you might as well have a virtual crack at it. Codemasters F1 sim is about as close as you can get to the real thing without slipping on a fireproof suit.

Gamesradar said: "If you passed up F1 2011 because it was too similar to F1 2010, you'll find F1 2012 a massive leap forward."

Darksiders II

£19.95 (X360, PS3) Zavvi

That the first Darksiders game didn't get played by more people was mainly down to an early-January release date that pitched it head-on into the path of Bayonetta. But it was a great hacking, slashing game - basically God of War with brains - and thoroughly deserving of a quality sequel such as this.

"Darksiders II does what every great sequel should do; it takes everything its predecessor did well and improves upon it, while adding a ton of new features and content," said Game Over Online.

Resident Evil 6

£24.99 (PS3, X360) Amazon

Scarier than its immediate predecessor, this sixth outing also charges even deeper into the action genre. Not all good news for Resi purists, then, but there's still plenty to like about it.

The Guardian summed up the experience thus: "If you just want to spray monster brains all over the place, while occasionally cooing at some gorgeous scenery, Resi 6 delivers in several spades."

Max Payne 3

£14.99 (PS3, X360); £13.99 (PC) Play

A decade on from Max Payne 2, this sequel arrived to rapturous reviews. Although not everyone loved the storyline, the relentless action and excellent multiplayer options made this a guaranteed winner.

"It's damn good fun, creating an environment of chaos and thrilling combat," said Destructoid.

Sleeping Dogs

£24.95 (X360, PS3); £26.95 (PC) Zavvi

Understated by many as 'one to play while you wait for the next GTA', Sleeping Dogs is an open-world game that delivers in its own right.

"Sleeping Dogs does some things better than even the cream of the crop, and its story will be what keeps you focused on playing. The fact that the game happens to play well is simply icing on the cake," said IGN.


£19.95 (X360, PS3) Zavvi

Another long-dormant franchise revived, another triumphant return. In a gaming landscape dominated by guns and explosions, SSX took us back to simpler times, as we whipped down near-vertical mountains, while lobbing in a few tricks at the same time.

IGN said: "This is what happens when you don't just put the game out every year, but spend your time crafting it, creating the ultimate experience."

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

£24.99 (X360, PS3); PC (£19.99) Play

Hold up, what's that? Another reboot, you say? XCOM: Enemy Unknown brought a much-loved series back to life - with a tactical strategy game that updated the original for the current gaming generation.

Joystiq said "Firaxis has deftly blended management, tactics and the sort of gut-level, throaty encounters usually reserved for fast-paced action games."

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

£14.95 (X360, PS3, PC) Zavvi

Future Soldier was a welcome return to form for the Ghost Recon franchise - stunning visuals married to clever, truly tactical gameplay.

"Between the impressive campaign, the myriad of co-op options and the added replayability of the mission challenges, as well as the expansive multiplayer component, it's as solid a package as military shooters provide," said Destructoid.

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