Words by Nik Taylor

Still scratching your head over your Christmas shopping? Time's ticking, but if you're yet to buy some (or all) of your presents, we're here to help.

We've picked out 10 great gifts that should give you plenty of inspiration. They're all available online - so you don't have to venture anywhere near those jam-packed high street shops playing Slade on repeat - and none of them cost more than £20.

Once you've got your shopping sorted, let us know your own top presents for Christmas 2012 in the discussion forums.

Salt and pepper bots

£8.99 (Find Me A Gift)
We can just picture these coming into play as everyone sits down for dinner on Christmas Day - your gran asks for the salt and you wind up the robot and send it scuttling down the table. Lots of places are selling out of these, but you'll still find them if you look around.

On The Road passport case
£12.86 (Amazon)
Ideal if your best mate is a wannabe beat poet - but even if they're not into Kerouac this is still a great gift. The whole 'On The Road' vibe makes it spot on for anyone keen on travelling, and there's a matching luggage tag you can get separately, too.

Pug T-shirt
£19.99 (Firebox)
Pugs are the fashion icons of the dog world right now. Depending on how you feel about that, this will be either the best or worst item of clothing you've seen all year. You'll need to choose your recipient carefully - we can't imagine many people's mums wanting to wear an oversized dog's face on their top.

Camera lens mug
£14.99 (Firebox)
Among the legion of novelty mugs, this is our favourite. The mug itself is intricately detailed and shaped like a camera lens, while the lens cap/hood can be used either as a lid or a handy tray for your biscuits. Not to be given to absent-minded photographers, who might inadvertently pour coffee all over their expensive snapper.

Comic strip photo frame
£11.99 (I Want One Of Those)
As good an excuse as any to actually print out those digital photos - this frame can hold up to six pictures. Fill it up and the result is a personal comic strip, which is finished off by the speech bubbles that can be attached and written on.

Retro arcade cake mould
£9.99 (I Want One Of Those)
A present that's a double win - you're a hero for buying the perfect gift for the cake-baking gamer in your life, they're so grateful they offer you first dibs on the space invader chocolate sponge they cook up the next day. Mmmm, cake.

Inside/out white stars umbrella
£16.99 (I Want One Of Those)
On this rainy island of ours, even the height of summer isn't guaranteed to be a drizzle-free zone. A decent umbrella is therefore pretty much essential - and this one does the job while looking the part as well. The twinkly lights will stand out amid a sea of dull black brollies - and they're visible both inside and out.

£8.95 (Prezzybox)
Based on the old 20 Questions game, this clever device is a ton more impressive than it looks. You start of by thinking of literally anything you want - then answer the machine's questions one by one. It will guess what you're thinking of, time after time - no matter how random you might think you're being. This is probably how Skynet gets started.

RazorPit razor blade sharpener
£19.99 (Firebox)
The RazorPit won't win any prizes for looks, but it is one of those rare treasures - a Christmas gift the recipient will still be using this time next year. Wipe your razor on it as you shave and it will boost the life of those insanely expensive blades from mere weeks to full months.

Fair Trade stitched leather journal
From £8 (Not On The High Street)
This is the sort of Christmas present the recipient will love you for. The real leather covers of these notebooks (which come in several different sizes) are hand-made, as is the luxurious recycled cotton paper. But not only are these books eco-friendly, they're fair trade too.