It's been a busy old year. We've cooed over the announcement of a royal baby, cheered as the Olympics came to London and gone ‘crikey’ at Felix Baumgartner hurling himself earthwards from space, to name but a few of 2012’s notable events.

But it's not just headline-grabbing stories that have kicked off the busiest conversations on The Student Room. Perusing our way back through 2012 shows you have got animated about all sorts of things, from Kit Kat Chunky wars to giant spiders on the loose in Manchester. Come reminisce with us, as we take a look back through the top TSR stories from 2012.

What have been the most interesting stories and events from 2012? Join the discussion...


As the calendar ticked over into 2012, a discussion thread from 2008 resurfaced on The Student Room once more. The reason? It's entitled "Seven reasons the world will end in 2012".

The good news is, if you're reading this then the Mayans were wrong, the Large Hadron Collider hasn't sucked the world into a black hole and a super-volcano hasn't swamped the US in lava. Still, a noteworthy 14% of TSR members agreed that, yes, the world will end in 2012.


Come February and Fabio Capello decided enough was enough and jacked in his job as England football manager. That sparked a flurry of conversation, as did the sudden and shocking death of Whitney Houston.

Discussions about specific medical schools were busy as anxious students awaited their offers. But the thread really making people click was 'the official Kit Kat Chunky battle'.

In case you missed this key event (how could you have done?) Nestle put out four limited edition Chunkys, with the biggest seller winning the right to stay on sale permanently. Orange, white, peanut butter and double choc flavours did battle, with peanut butter eventually coming out on top - both in TSR's poll and with the public at large.


In March, singer and X Factor judge Tulisa hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons – with her rather personal home movie getting tongues wagging on the forums.

The Student Room joined the whole country in wishing Fabrice Muamba well after the former Bolton player’s life-threatening collapse midway through a Premier League football match. However, the biggest thread of the month by far was the AS/A Level results day thread for those receiving their results in March.


School students looking for some extra money over Easter gave a big boost to the 'jobs for 15 year olds' thread, while the disruption of the Boat Race by a protestor going for a dip stirred up a healthy debate. But the most-clicked by far was the immense and ever-popular ‘50 interview questions and answers’ thread.


With exam season kicking off in May, plenty of discussions started popping up after exams with students dissecting the papers they had just sat. Among newsworthy events of the month, Chelsea's remarkable victory in the Champions League Final led to a particularly busy discussion.


By June, exams were in full swing and post-exam discussions dominated - along with a thread about the London bus driver strike, with TSR members checking in to see if they could get to their exams on time.

Away from exams, the nation came to a standstill for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with those for and against battling it out in the news and current affairs forum.


Sporting threads dominated July on The Student Room. The Olympics came to the UK, with a dedicated forum on TSR buzzing with chat among people rediscovering the joy of competitive swimming, cycling and Greco-Roman wrestling for the first time in four years.

Spain's victory at Euro 2012 and Andy Murray's defeat in the Wimbledon final continued the sporting chat. But there was shocking news as well. Many people came to the site to express their disbelief at events in Aurora, as news of the shootings at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises filtered through.


Prince Harry bared his bottom, one lucky couple scooped £148m on EuroMillions and London Metropolitan University had its right to recruit overseas students suspended. But, in August, there's only one topic of conversation happening on TSR: exam results! GCSE and A-level results threads had thousands of views and posts.


Back to school time is when A-level students start to think about uni applications, particularly medical and Oxbridge applicants, and the ‘best way to start a personal statement’ thread was popular as a result.
Stories making a splash this month included the announcement of the iPhone 5, the scandal over topless shots of the Duchess of Cambridge and Europe's stunning comeback victory in the Ryder Cup. But none of those stories were as busy as September’s main event: the tale of a giant spider on the loose in Manchester. Real or a hoax? You decide...


University applications were a big focus again in October - the 'anyone else sent their application off yet?' thread was enormously busy and was quickly packed out with thousands of posts. Among the month’s notable news stories, Felix Baumgartner made history by freefalling from space.


Come November and all eyes were on the US and its presidential election. Elsewhere, ‘will I get in?’ chat dominated the Oxford applicants thread and TSR members got into the festive spirit a little early with the ‘what do you want for Christmas’ thread.


And so to December and Christmas-time. TSR members have flocked to the Christmas grotto forum, to chat about last-minute present buying, the best-ever festive movies, what should be Christmas number one and more. Stories popular this month included the news of the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy and the announcement of the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year.

It’s been a busy year on The Student Room. Here’s to 2013!