Labour holds a slim three point lead over the Conservatives in an opinion poll of members of The Student Room.

We asked you which party you would vote for if there was a general election happening tomorrow, and 28% said Labour.

"I could not stand to see the Tories get a second term," said TSR member Brit_Miller. "They are destroying the social fabric of the country by stigmatising the poorest and most vulnerable and privatising our most important institutions."

Labour has a slight lead in this opinion poll of members of The Student Room conducted in February 2014
The close result mirrors recent national opinion polls, that have shown Labour's lead over the Tories narrowing in recent months.

"Even though I would normally vote Labour (and it pains me to vote Conservative) I believe that the Conservative party has recently made good decisions regarding the UK economy," said another TSR member.

"The worst thing to do when things are beginning to change for the better, is change the government who's altering the future."

Our poll ran over two weeks, from 28 January to 10 February, and 1,085 students voted.

University tuition fees are likely to once again be a key topic in the run-up to next year's general election. John Denham, former Labour universities secretary, recently proposed a policy that could bring fees down to £4,000 a year, while the Tories remain committed to the existing tuition fee loans structure.

The UK Independence Party has 10% of the TSR vote, matching the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party.

"[I'll vote Lid Dem] in hopes that they'll regain their spine and lower tuition fees," said TSR member katiedhodgson.

A further 12% of TSR members say they would deliberately not vote in the next election.

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