More than 70% of The Student Room's members will not be sending a card this year

Don't worry if you haven't received a Valentine's card today...nobody is sending them anyway.

More than 70% of students say they won't be sending anyone a message of love this year - not even online.

But even though one traditional part of today appears to be on the wane, it doesn't mean you're all ignoring Valentine's Day completely.

Almost three quarters of students currently in a relationship plan to do something today - and they're twice as likely to stay in together to watch a DVD than go out for a romantic meal.

"I'd feel embarrassed to go out somewhere for a meal on Valentine's Day," said one TSR member.

"It would feel so forced, as if you don't have enough excuses to do this otherwise. I think random surprises are much more romantic than a planned day of the year."

As you'd expect, those living the single life are more likely to declare today a 'no hearts and flowers zone'. Of those currently not in a relationship, 62% plan to ignore Valentine's Day entirely - with a further 29% planning to go out with friends.

"Why do we need it? Why a particular day to show your love?" said one single TSR member. "Do it on all days and stop rubbing it in the faces of singles."

Of those in a long-distance relationship, more than 70% plan to do something to mark Valentine's Day - even if it's just to catch up via Skype.

"I am in a long distance relationship and my boyfriend and I exchanged joke cards," said another TSR member. "We will not be together on the day but I am planning on wishing him a happy Valentine's Day."

Only 29% of those in an LDR say they probably wouldn't do anything even if they were together.

Still, even if you'd rather Valentine's Day would just go away, there's still an upside - as one particularly organised TSR member points out: "The day after Valentine's Day is really good because all the stuff the shops couldn't sell (chocolates, gifts that are heart shaped...) are all reduced and it's really good to buy it for Mother's Day a month later. My mum loves these gifts (it's also useful when your on a budget!)"

Our Valentine's Day poll was conducted between 7 February to 14 February and 316 students voted.