<p>The Student Room is home to a friendly and welcoming community. Our site is a safe place where students can talk with old friends and new people. On The Student Room, we do not stand for bullying in any form and the site's staff, community team and members work very hard to prevent and stop bullying from taking place. Remember though, that there are some bad apples out there. With that in mind, you should keep a lookout for any antisocial behaviour while you're using TSR, just as you would on any other site.</p> <p>What is cyberbullying?</P> <p>Cyberbullying can range from:</P><P>- Being teased
- Having embarrassing or cruel comments posted about you
- Being put down or humiliated for your views and opinions
- Having rumours spread about you
- Being intimidated by a member or group of members
- Being sent threatening messages via the PM system.
- Being ignored and left out by a group of members</p><p>What is cyberstalking?</P><p>We define cyberstalking as repeated harassing or threatening behaviour.</p> <p>Community Guidelines</P> <p>To help keep TSR a useful and friendly place we have Community Guidelines. We encourage all members to be friendly towards one another and to practice respectful disagreement, not personal attacks. Our community team and moderators remain vigilant at all times and have a system of policies and procedures that they use to help keep the community safe. You can read more about this here </p> <p>Help us fight cyber-bullies.</p><p>Being mean to someone isn't cool and is something that doesn't have a place within our community. TSR does not tolerate bullying in any form. We appreciate that every member has a different level of tolerance in terms of what may, or may not upset them and we ask that our members consider this too.</p><p>It is important to remember that if you ever feel that you have been insulted or personally attacked on one of the forums, that you report it using the report function and a mod will be notified who will then look into this for you. </P><p>Insults, harassment, and teasing are not allowed on TSR. If someone insults you or is unkind to you, or if users gang up on you, report it to us. Even calling someone an idiot is impolite and disrespectful. People who misuse the live chat will get banned from all live chats.</P><p>Don’t get sucked into fights and arguments. If you think someone is deliberately trying to provoke you or make you angry, just ignore them. If they persist, tell us.</P><p>TSR has an Ignore function that you can put to use if you find another member of TSR and their style of posting annoying, and you do not wish to have to read their posts. When you have someone on ignore, their posts will be blocked out in threads that you are viewing. In place of their post will be a simply message telling that this user is on your ignore list, and a link for you to read that particular post if you wish.</P> <p>In order to place another member on ignore, simply go to your ignore list (accessible by clicking the Settings link in the menu bar and then selecting Ignore List from the Friends drop down menu, or by clicking here and then add a member's username to the list and click 'Okay'. Alternatively, you can click through to a member's profile and add them to your ignore list via the link in their profile.</P><p>Reporting</p><p>You can tell us by reporting individual posts or posting confidentially via Ask a Moderator or Ask a Section Leader. Or if you would prefer you can contact a member of the CT team via PM.</P> <p>Do:</P><p>1. Log incidents and keep evidence – including any screenshots and PMs.</P><p>2. Follow our advice on online safety </p><p>3. Contact us immediately </P><p>4. Tell a friend, your family, a teacher or a tutor. If you are 18 or under you can call ChildLine on 0800 1111.</p> <p>You can also find more useful contacts and resources on the Anti-Bullying Alliance website. If you would like to talk about your situation anonymously, you might also find it helpful to start a discussion in the Relationships forum.</p><p>Cyberstalking</P> <p>TSR does not tolerate stalking. If you feel that you are being cyberstalked please do let us know. You are not alone and we will support you every step of the way. </P><p>If you think you may have a cyberstalker we encourage you to do the following things:</p><p>Do:</P><p>1. Take the situation seriously</p></p>2. Log incidents and keep evidence – including any screenshots and PMs.<p> </p>3. Follow our advice on online safety</p> <p>4. Contact us immediately if you see any messages or comments with inappropriate content. You can post confidentially in Ask a Moderator or Ask a Section Leader or PM a member of the community team. </p><p>5. Confide in a friend or family member about your experience. Our community team and mods will support you online but we can’t give you a hug when you most need one.</p><p>Don’t</p><p>1. Respond to your stalker in any way. Even a negative response is not likely to change the stalker’s behaviour towards you.</p><p>2. Try to reason or come to some arrangement with your stalker so that they leave you alone. </p> <p>3. Believe you can deal with this on by yourself.</p><p>4. Ignore your instincts. If feel that what you have read is inappropriate or has made you feel really uncomfortable this is usually a warning sign that something is wrong.</p> <p>5. Blame yourself or think in any way that you have encouraged such behaviour.</p>Are you being cyber stalked?</p><p>This could be a member that you have spoken to in the past on a few occasions or a new member who you have never seen around the forums before. </p><p>Stalking usually happens over a period of time so it’s always best to nip these things in the bud quickly by reporting any behaviour or activity that makes you feel uncomfortable to a mod or a community team member. </p><p>Things to watch out for:</p><p>1. Has a member started contacting you regularly via PM?</p>2. Has a member seem to start posting in a thread you are involved in following your initial post? </p><p>3. Does it feel like they agree with everything you say? Does your instinct tell you that they are trying to force some kind of connection between the both of you?</p><p>4. Their stories or opinions seem to be inconsistent – it doesn’t seem to add up.</p> <p>5. They ask you lots of questions but don’t seem keen to answer your questions about them.</p><p>6. Have they asked you for personal information via PM? Do they want to add you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter?</P><p>7. Have they continued to ask you for personal information like where you live, the name of your school, college or university or where you work?</p> <p>8. Have they suggested that you meet up in person?</p> <p>9. Have they told you that they really like you in private after only a few discussions?</p><p>10. Ask your personal questions about your relationship status or how you feel about other members of the community and your relationships with individuals.</p><p>11. Having initially thought that chatting with them was fun are you starting to feel a bit uncomfortable by the level of contact?</p> <p>12. Are they chasing you up for a response when you haven’t been in touch for 24 hours?</p><p>13. Do you feel under pressure to respond to their PM so that you can post in the public forums without worrying that you are being watched or judged?</p><p>14. You feel the need to block them or totally ignore them, when you do the same member with a dupe account contacts you. </p> <p>15. They become demanding/controlling wanting to know who your friends are, why you haven’t been online etc.</p><p>16. They mention things about you and your life in passing that you haven’t told them.</P>

You can read the TSR guide to online safety here.