You could win an iPad mini in our brilliant new competitionOver the past six weeks, we've been running a competition where one lucky TSR member will walk away with a brand-new iPad mini.

Our golden threads contest gave everyone the chance to win - all you had to do was make a post on one of six qualifying threads.

The competition has now closed...which means it's time to pick a winner. Drum roll, if you please...

We've lobbed all the qualifying posts into a giant hat and chosen one at random from each of the six golden threads. Five of those people win a £20 Amazon voucher, but the sixth (again chosen at random) wins a shiny new iPad mini!

Each of these TSR members is a winner: is your name here?

*Interrobang*, posting on the What part-time jobs have you had (and would you recommend them to other people)? discussion said:
1. Retail - boring, but easy to fit around college/uni.

2. Lifeguard - not as glamorous as people think Easy job, but like working in a conservatory!

3. Youth worker - fun job (getting paid to do things like go to Thorpe Park!), but lack of funding so not easy to get regular hours

4. Playworker with children with disabilities - really rewarding. Can be challenging at times, but fun and interesting. Not for everyone tho!
Congratulations *Interrobang* - your post has been selected at random to win you a £20 Amazon voucher!

Okkefac, posting on the Three things you want to do before you're 30 discussion said:
1. Get married (I know so many people have said this but you know )
2. Get a PhD
3. Hopefully have my first child by that time
Great news Okkefac - you've also bagged a £20 Amazon voucher!

Kasia.kcl, posting on the Share one brilliant tip about your town discussion said:
London. Designer sample sales!
Well done Kasia.kcl - you're quids in with a £20 Amazon voucher!

Lyhnieee, who joined in with the What's the best thing you've ever learned at school? discussion said:
That roles/titles are not everything, the quality of the positive outcome from your participation is what matters.
Nice one, Lyhnieee - your post has nabbed you a £20 Amazon voucher, too.

FioraMystique, posting on the One crucial piece of advice you'd give to someone starting their A-levels discussion gave this sage (and timely) advice:
Don't put off revision and leave it until the last minute. Hard work will pay off in the end.
Hold on to your hat, FioraMystique - you've also got a £20 Amazon voucher winging its way to you.

But who is the winner of our competition's grand prize - a brand-new iPad mini...? Step forward, raeraeleason. You made this post on the What were you most worried about before starting uni (and how did it turn out)? discussion.
My biggest worry was being the oldest in my hall as I was nearly 20 when I started. I thought I was going to be stuck with a bunch of 18-year-olds who couldn't function without mum and dad's help. Also I had never lived with girls before as I have three brothers. I couldn't have been more wrong as they are all lovely and I am living with three of them in a house for my final year.
Your post was chosen at random from more than 2,700 qualifying posts to win you a shiny-shiny Apple tablet. Congratulations to you - and thanks to everyone who entered. Look out for our next big contest, coming very soon...