Sponsored feature, words by Russ Thorne

There's no escaping that sense of dread in the air: it's exam season. Perhaps you feel that everything is under control and you're heading serenely towards the exam room with no worries. If so, good for you and good luck (and can you let us in on the secret?).

But if you're worried, panicking, or if you'd simply like a little extra help to bring it all home, we've got plenty of revision resources just for you.

What's on offer?

Time is tight, so you'll have to skip the hand-woven revision timetables and thirty days of cave meditation to get your brain into the right place. Instead, you need an instant fix, and that's where our flashcards and revision cards come in handy.

We've got thousands of ready-made revision aids for you to use - as our user Shanny101 says, “this website is the best for revision notes.”All the info is there, whatever your subject, so you can download them and get studying right away. For just £6.99 a month you'll get access to our entire revision archive and much more – it's a small price to pay (the equivalent of half a Nando's chicken, in fact) if it makes the difference between getting and missing the grades you need.

On the Cards

For fast revision, you can't beat our flashcards. They're simple, effective and let you cover lots of topics quickly. You can test yourself on the most important parts of your revision to make sure you've got the key things covered; or you can get your friends involved and help each other.

Revision cards are another great asset if you're short on time. They carry the key facts and figures for your chosen subject: you can get some quick cramming in, or mix them up and work on a few different areas at once to make sure the grey matter is nice and limber.

Whatever tools you choose, they're tried and tested by our users so you can be confident in them. As user Olatunde says, they're “better than all the revision guides combined”.

Exam Time Tips

To get the most from your last minute revision, try to establish a routine - it will help you stay calm and focused. Set yourself a study period at the same time each day, with some reward time at the end so there's something to look forward to. You can even ask your friends or family to help you stick to the plan (with hugs / bribes / doom-laden warnings / biscuits as appropriate).

End your revision days with a run through your flashcards to lock everything in place, then review them briefly on the morning of the exam. Put it all away an hour (half an hour max) before the exam starts: use that time to relax, take some deep breaths, and get focused.

Successful exam wrangling is also about looking after yourself, so don't spend all night cramming: your brain WILL turn traitor and cramp up at a spectacularly unhelpful moment. Instead, get sleep, get fresh air, drink plenty of water (a hydrated brain works better).

Finally, avoid talking about the exam immediately before and after: before, you need to concentrate; after, there's nothing else you can do anyway. Don't get drawn in to other people's anxieties, this is your life – it's OK to be a bit selfish.

Never Again!

These might be the last exams you'll ever take. (Hurrah!) But they probably won't be, so if you think you'd like to do things better (or just differently) next time, be sure to check out our study planner when the dust has settled. You can map out your whole academic year, including revision, so you never get caught out. (Don't forget the cave meditation.)

But for now, it's game time. Download our resources for the final push – you might be glad you did, just like our user @Blunderss_. “Why did I not find this website sooner? It's actually so so so good,” they say. The exam season is nearly over: make this last bit of revision count and you'll reap the rewards.
Good luck!