"Badly thought out and rushed through."

"Awful back-pedalling."

"I have zero confidence in the Tories"

These are just three of the comments made by members of The Student Room, following the government's reversal of its plans to scrap GCSEs.

The controversial English Baccalaureate Certificate exams will no longer be introduced in place of key subject GCSEs. But the whole process, labelled "the most abject retreat yet from a coalition minister" by the New Statesman has shattered student confidence in the current government.

At the time of writing, more than 100 students have voted on TSR's poll, with 70% declaring themselves as having 'no confidence' in the government's ability to lead the UK education system

"It's a marvel they can't get their act together to decide at the outset whether such a major policy will be viable or not," said TSR member Tuerin.

"These GCSE changes would have caused absolute turmoil in the system as whole schools would have to be re arranged to suit his changes," added lbsf1.

Others were simply relieved that GCSEs are staying...at least for now.

"I'm glad he has scrapped these plans. Surely it was a monumental red flag when so many people in the teaching profession and academia were telling him [Gove] his plans were ill-thought out and too swiftly implemented," posted 21stcenturyphantom.

"I hope he feels embarrassed and ridiculed that it has taken him months to heed the warnings of so many who are frankly much more knowledgeable and experienced than himself. I just don't know how it possibly took him so long to realise."

TSR member Tokyoround was even more critical: "Michael Gove has no clue at all about education. He's trying to change our school system in to some fantasy world that is only in his head.

"He's not got the confidence of anyone who knows anything about education and I can't see how his position as education secretary is tenable any longer."

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