Rhianna Wilson: nominated in the Overcoming Adversity category in The Student Room's Student in a Million awards 2014For much of her secondary education, Rhianna has had to battle several setbacks.

Suffering from mental health difficulties since 15, she suffered bullying after falling pregnant at a young age. She was also the victim of physical abuse in a relationship. Unable to cope in mainstream school, Rhianna has since flourished in Hospital and Outreach Education, where she has remained driven and ambitious to further her studies. Rhianna has been nominated for the Student in a Million Overcoming Adversity award.

At the outreach centre, Rhianna always completed homework on time, worked hard in lessons and made some close friendships. When she couldn't come to the centre, Rhianna made sure she partook in online learning from home.

Despite personal challenges, Rhianna attended open days and managed to apply for a level 3 college course in engineering. Such is her desire to keep learning and put the past behind her, Rhianna also participated in an arts project 'Voices of the Fire' where she spent entire days researching various art forms. This increased her confidence and progress.

In the end, Rhianna was able to return to school and took seven GCSEs in the summer, expecting to pass all of them with a C or above. According to her headteacher, Rhianna has "had a remarkable journey through her key stage 4 education, but her desire to succeed and determination has been amazing".

Emotionally, Rhianna's problems started at just 10 years old when she went through the trauma of a suicide of a close friend. However, by trusting and working positively with her new tutors, Rhianna has turned her life around and has overcome her personal difficulties to succeed in her education.