Emma Schrod: nominated in the Role Model category in The Student Room's Student in a Million awards 2014Emma Schrod is a star student, showing inspirational leadership by launching an Autism and Disabilities Club in her sixth form at the Frances Bardsley Academy for Girls. She sacrificed her Saturdays to work with young people with autism in the London borough of Havering. Emma has been nominated for our Student in a Million Role Model award.

She didn't just sacrifice it herself, she assembled her own team of peers from her year group who she persuaded to sacrifice their Saturdays too. This is on top of A-level studies, in which Emma manages to be a high-flyer despite the commitment to her noble extra-curricular volunteer work in the community.

According to her teacher Mr Corea, who is pictured with Emma to the right, she has led a project which amounts to "one of the most moving things to come out of the London borough of Havering". The challenging role has seen Emma work with people suffering from autism between the ages of 18 and 24.

Going the extra mile has helped some of the most vulnerable and socially-excluded young people in society today. Being involved in the project has also helped Emma pass a Leadership Development course, in partnership between the school and the RIEES Charity in Romford, and being the President has won her deserved respect from students and staff alike.

According to her proud teacher, Mr Ivan Corea, a representative for Her Majesty the Queen gushed with amazement at her work. Deputy Lieutenant Colonel Mark Bryant, who attended the Autism Club in Romford, said Emma gave up her time "out of love and not out of duty". Emma's compassion has had praise from her local MP Andrew Rosindell.