Jay Cavanagh: nominated in the Unsung Hero category in The Student Room's Student in a Million awards 2014 While you are preparing for your GCSEs it's one thing to spend a lot of time studying for your own grades but Jay Cavanagh went further. He spent a large portion of his time in sixth form personally tutoring a new student from China. In his school Jay is known for being a champion for equal rights and individuality. Alongside this Jay has represented his school in a poetry competition and has been involved with public speaking. Jay is being nominated for our Student in a million unsung hero award.

During Jay's work with his Chinese classmate, a huge improvement was shown and eventually he and his classmate both achieved an A* in their English GCSE.

Jay is well known throughout his school as someone who doesn't agree with injustice, and is looked up to by many of his classmates. Recently, he became one of the school's champions in the Jack Petchey Speak Out challenge for giving a speech in front of his classmates on the importance of individuality. He was also nominated as a form representative and strived to make the school a better place for each student by ridding it of inequality.

Another string to Jay's bow is his interest in poetry. Jay entered the Poetry By Heart competition. He won his local competitions and eventually made it towards the national finals. Jay is the first person from the Essex area to make it to the nationals.

Jay is looking forward to the A-levels he will be studying and is passionate about starting a degree in history or Anglo-Saxon and Celtic at Cambridge University.