Leah Green: nominated in the Unsung Hero category in The Student Room's Student in a Million awards 2014"I don't see the point in making revision cards and revision notes just for myself when I could be helping others too".

These are the words of Leah Green, an 18-year-old student who has made the subject of psychology a whole lot easier to handle for her A-level classmates by sharing her revision cards and notes. Leah has been nominated for our Student in a Million Unsung Hero award.

Of course, most students tend to keep revision notes to themselves or save them for their closest friends, but Leah is not most students. She decided to share her brilliant revision notes with her entire class.

Despite having a job and a social life outside of school, Leah has had the foresight and generosity to create a website which has been to the huge benefit of 28 other students. Such is the superb quality of her notes, it wouldn't be surprising if it benefits younger year groups who take the same syllabus.

Leah's revision website has a total of 30 brilliant blog posts each with a link to a Powerpoint presentation full of dedicated revision notes, all organised easily for students to go through step-by-step. This alone is astounding given the complexity of the psychology course.

According to one school friend, Leah put a lot of time and effort into making website as accessible as possible for students struggling with the course. By making the revision notes easy-to-read, students have found the notes vital and even more useful than teacher revision sessions and textbooks.

Her school friend and classmate Leva added in conclusion that all psychology students now feel "confident" and are far more likely "to come out of it feeling optimistic, because they know that they have been provided with so much opportunity to test their knowledge and make sure they feel prepared for what they have to face".