Kavisigah Yogaratnam: nominated in the Overcoming Adversity category in The Student Room's Student in a Million awards 2014 While at university, Kavisigah became responsible for her younger brother after it came to light he had been abused. Kavisigah has been nominated for our Student in a Million Overcoming Adversity award.

When, during the final year of her psychology degree, Kavisigah took responsibility for her younger brother, her first priority was to find accommodation.

Kavisigah was soon able to find a place near her university for both her and her brother, but the conditions were very poor and the pair had to share a room. Mould was forming in the kitchen and bathroom and the house was infested with rats.

As well as studying and looking after her brother, Kavisigah had to juggle increased financial pressure while in her third year. Kavisigah did not receive child benefit and child tax credit at the beginning of care, and so was forced to go to the food bank.

At the same time, she had to concentrate on her studies and complete her assignments and dissertation. Poor living conditions and financial difficulties meant she could not concentrate on her studies as much she wanted.

Nevertheless, Kavisigah faced the challenges with a positive mindset and the hope to provide a better future for her brother and completed all her assignments on time. While this was going on her brother attended six university interviews in order to obtain a place to study social work. He was eventually able to get a place to study social work at his chosen university.

Kavisigah is currently researching how mature students from outside the UK struggle during their academic life, hoping it will provide guidance for future generations of students.