Mehzabin Tabassum: nominated in the Overcoming Adversity category in The Student Room's Student in a Million awards 2014 When Mehzabin moved with her parents from Bangladesh to the UK, she joined a new school in a country she had never previously visited. She started year eight with virtually no English skills. Despite having had little previous schooling, she worked incredibly hard and received excellent marks on her GCSE and AS exams. She is now fluent in English after three years of living in England and has recently achieved results of ABC in her A-levels. Mehzabin has been nominated for our Student in a Million Overcoming Adversity award.

Mehzabin overcame a great many obstacles including language problems, cultural differences and bullying.

The culture that she came from discouraged socialising with her peers, and Mehzabin found herself socially isolated. Her home situation didn't allow her to watch English TV or socialise with people who spoke English, she only spoke English while she was in school. Her language difficulties caused endless frustration but was something she worked hard to overcome.

Taking support, help and advice from staff, she managed to overcome the obstacles and became fluent in English. She went from not speaking English at all to achieving A grades at GCSE in just three years. Mehzabin worked hard at becoming a model student, refusing to let any of her difficulties deter her from becoming a high achiever. When joining sixth form, Mehzabin again achieved excellent grades at AS level. In August this year, she received her A-level results - achieving grades of ABC and a place at the University of Liverpool to study law.