Sponsored feature, words by Russ Thorne

If you're still on the lookout for a university place through Clearing, don't despair. A little stress is part of the territory, alas, but there are often plenty of great applied courses with places available, offered by some top institutions.

The key to finding them is to keep focused, keep an open mind and keep on contacting universities. Here are just five reasons to look into an applied course, with a little input from students at Bucks New University, all of whom secured their places through Clearing.

1 – A wide range of courses are available

Even popular subjects – like law – can still be within reach if you persevere. Oyindamola Oladejo found a place on Bucks New Uni's LLB (Hons) Law through Clearing, for example.

“I had started to give up hope of being able to study Law,” she says. But a phone call or two to Bucks soon put her back on track. “The admissions team were really helpful, putting me at ease and answering all the questions I had.”

You'll also find opportunities if you investigate business courses. Bucks’s School of Applied Management & Law has programmes including sports management, music and event management, business and management and of course law – all of which can offer a bright future and a great career, as well as a rewarding student experience.

2 – You can study at a great uni

Speaking of which, consider broadening your search and looking at institutions you hadn't considered before. You might discover a uni that has exactly the kind of approach that suits you.

Hannah Wilcock (BA (Hons) in Event and Festival Management had set her sights on going to a large university, for example, but found Bucks through Clearing. It turned out their compact campus and high staff to student ratio was perfect for her. “You see people you recognise all the time and everyone is really friendly,” she says. “With only 60 people on my course you also get more one-on-one time with your lecturers and it just feels a lot more personal.”

3 – You'll develop industry specific skills

Applied courses (like the ones offered at Bucks) have a focus on giving you the skills you'll need for the industry you're hoping to join. For instance, if something like sport has always been your passion, the BA in Sport Business Management could be your pass to the premier league.

Students learn their subject from grassroots all the way to the top flight, covering everything from funding to contract law. You can even pursue specific business routes in football, golf and rugby.

With plenty more applied courses available at unis like Bucks covering a huge range of subjects, there's no need to give up on your goals. If you've got an industry in mind, you might still be able to find a course and get the skills you need.

4 – You'll get practical experience to impress employers

Believe it or not, the whole process of going through Clearing will ultimately impress potential employers: it shows focus, determination and steely nerves, and that's before you even get to uni and start developing other talents to impress them. (Not the one about sliding an After Eight from forehead to mouth without touching it. Keep that one to yourself.)

Find an applied course that's dedicated to developing your practical skills and you'll have even more CV-enhancing strings to your bow. Programmes like the ones at Bucks are great for this: students on the Business and Marketing Management course work on projects briefed by real-world clients, for example, while those on the Events and Festival Management course regularly work with industry professionals and undertake a work placement in the second year.

5 – You can set yourself up for a bright future

Securing a place through Clearing doesn't just mean getting on a course. It means going to university and enjoying all the potential benefits that come with it, whether personal or professional. Take Imran Salim, studying for a BA in Business and Marketing Management he's heavily involved in the boxing club, and has found that his course gives him the chance to be a contender once he graduates, too.

“The opportunities don't just stop outside of your studies,” he says. “For example, this summer I'm going to China to do an internship with a global PR, advertising and marketing company. In the future I'd like to have my own marketing company, so this is all great experience.”

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