If you’re a full-time student and have dependent children you might be able to get extra funding to help with the additional costs that you’ll have.

What is Parents' Learning Allowance?

Parents' Learning Allowance (PLA) is help with course-related costs if you have children who depend on you. You can apply for PLA even if you choose not to apply for a Childcare Grant (CCG).

How much can I get?

The amount you can get depends on your income, and the income of your husband, wife, partner or civil partner (if you have one) and the income of any dependants you have. In academic year 2017/18, you can get up to £1,617 a year.

How is it paid?

PLA is usually paid in three instalments, one at the start of each term. It’s paid directly into your bank account with your other student finance payments.

Do I have to pay it back?

No, unless you’ve been overpaid.

How do I apply for PLA?

You don’t have to do anything extra to apply for PLA, just make sure you fill in all the sections of your main application for student finance. Don’t forget to send any evidence we ask for, for example your child’s birth certificate and evidence that they are dependent on you, such as your tax credit award letter.

Will getting PLA affect my entitlement to benefits?

PLA won’t be taken into account when Jobcentre Plus or your local authority’s housing benefit teams are working out your other benefits. HM Revenue and Customs won’t count PLA when they’re working out your entitlement to tax credits.