Sponsored feature, words by Nik Taylor
If you’ve been anywhere near the internet over the past few months, you won’t have missed Vine.

The latest online craze is Twitter done for videos, enabling quick, social sharing of your own film clips with just one rule – your video can be only six seconds long.

It’s taken off in such a big way that Sky’s on-demand service NOW TV is launching its own Vine-based film awards, called the NOW TV Movie Fest.

The awards competition is open for entries right now and it’s easy to get involved. Simply tag your film with the hashtag #NOWTVMovieFest, followed by the hashtag of the film’s genre.

The categories include, Grand Prize, People’s Choice, Best Documentary (#factual), Best Comedy (#comedy), Best Action (#action), Best Horror (#horror), and Best Special Effects/Animation/Score (#special effects).

There are some great prizes up for grabs. The Grand Prize winner will receive a coveted place on the Raindance Director Diploma course, and each category winner will receive a Canon 600D DSLR camera.

Need some inspiration? No problem – check out five of our favourite Vine videos below or chat with other film lovers on the forums.

Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal, by Ryan McHenry

Still doing the rounds now, this meme owned the internet early in May. The comedy of it comes from there being a whole series of these. Turns out Ryan Gosling really isn't keen on cereal...

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Cotton wool eater, by Meagan Cignoli

Fashion photographer Meagan Cignoli has emerged as one of the most creative early adopters of Vine - as this clever film shows.

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Eggbox massacre, by KevyPizza

There's so much crammed into this Vine that it's hard to believe it all fits into six seconds. What did those poor eggs ever do to you, toy soldier?

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Magic room, by Jacob Laserbeam
Imagine if you could shift touchscreen control from your phone or tablet and move it onto the world around you. Life might then be a bit like this.

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Stop drawing me, by Pinot

Animation is a popular use of Vine - and this is one of the artiest examples we've yet seen.

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