Words by Nik Taylor
A new series of Miranda - or possibly even the long-awaited movie - is set for our screens in 2014, Miranda Hart has exclusively revealed on The Student Room.

Answering questions in a live Q&A session on The Student Room forums, Miranda said she would definitely be returning to her most famous comic creation next year.

"I am deciding what to do next with Miranda," she posted. "Hopefully we'll do something next year: either more TV or film. Not sure. Tour first."

Hmm, 'hopefully', eh? But, asked again a bit later, she added: "Haven't decided what to do yet, doing the stand-up tour first. But we'll do something next year for sure."

During her hour-long webchat, Miranda also invited members of The Student Room to suggest ideas that could appear in her upcoming tour.

"Thanks for all your questions," she posted. "My turn. What do you want to see me do on my tour? Any suggestions?"

With ideas flooding in, Miranda replied: "So it seems you basically want me to sing and gallop. Not necessarily at the same time. I will try my best to do both!"

She'll be keeping an eye on this thread, so add your ideas and you could see them become reality on stage next year!

Fans of Not Going Out can also hope to see her come back to that show soon. Asked "Have you ever considered returning to Not Going Out?" Miranda replied, "I would love to do more Barbara, yes. Great fun."

With more than 400 questions posted by members of The Student Room, Miranda offered plenty of gems of advice during the chat:

On TSR member boxedpotatoes' post about dealing with self-confidence issues:

"As you get older all these things start to get better and you start to feel more confident as yourself. So don't worry. Every day you will feel more yourself. Don't try and be anything you aren't. Put your shoulders back and stand tall and proud"
On LilliaRose's post asking what tattoo Miranda would have:
"I have a tattoo on my right ankle - a dove and a heart. Peace and love man. I don't really recommend getting them though."
On 06bmabbutt's question about the transition from school to real life:

"I didn't find it very easy because I was quite shy and not confident in myself. If I could go back I would say to myself: 'just be yourself, no need to impress, as people want to know the real you, and you need to be true to what you want to say and do'."
On Sara in the student toom's question about coping with stress:

I think the only way is a day at a time. So if you just focus on today, work hard, play hard, do your best in the day, and plan a bit ahead, but don't worry about ahead because you only have now.
On olliew25's question about staying calm before going out on stage and how that translates to staying cool in exams:

"I do lots of pacing backstage to get rid of the adrenalin. I think it's different nerves to exams though. You just have to take each hour at a time and not worry about them in advance, work hard, do what you can, only worry about the present and take deep breaths."
On ManicPumpkin's request for advice on getting started as a sitcom writer:

"Just start writing, keep writing, write what you think is funny. get the scripts read out by friends or actors that you know .I used to get them read out in front of an audience in pub theatres in London. Then you can start hearing what gets a laugh and what doesn't."
Read through the whole of the Miranda Q&A to find out who her celebrity crush is, what three wishes she would choose and why you should never order the oysters when taking her out for dinner.

Miranda's best-selling book Is It Just Me? comes out today (Thursday 6 June) in paperback.