Josh from Aussie indie–pop four piece San Cisco talks about making it in music, the importance of commercial success and gaining superpowers...
Aussie indie–pop four piece San Cisco.

What are your views on the current music scene?

I really like the way things are heading, there are lots of great bands coming through.

Tell us about your home town?

We come from Perth in Australia. It’s an awesome place, with a close-knit community of bands and a very strong alternative scene, as well as beautiful beaches and sunshine.

Do you aim for commercial success?

For me personally it’s more about the enjoyment of creating music with my friends. That said our music has been used in a commercials and TV.

What else have you got lined up this year?

We are touring the UK with the Darwin Dees, which is great as we feel like both bands are very suited. We are then back touring Australia with a band called Chaos Chaos and then we are returning to the States to play Lollapalooza. We are also probably playing a few festivals but those haven’t been announced yet.

Which new bands are you into?

I really like a band called Crank Ocean as well as Electric Guest. We toured the states supporting the Vaccines so I really got into all of their stuff as well.

What advice would you give to a teenager who wants to make it in music?

Spend a lot of time doing the music you enjoy, don’t be downed by what’s currently cool. If you do your own thing then I think you have a better chance of being discovered.

And finally… if you could have a superpower what would it be?

Classic! Definitely the ability to pause time!

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