Trying to quit smoking by yourself can be a challenge so we asked TSR users for their top tips on how they would support their loved ones with giving up smoking.

Here's our top ten.

1. If they ever feel like caving remind them why they started and what they will gain.

2. Give plenty of encouragement and distract them.

3. Destroy all their cigarettes so if they do want to cave they will have to buy their own.

4. Encourage friends to quit as a group and avoid going to places where other people will be smoking.

5. Point them in the direction of the NHS services that are out there.

6. Replace their craving with something else like chewing gum, mints or e-cigarettes.

7. Show them horrifying stories of smokers who didn’t quit.

8. Buy them a self-help book that comes highly recommended such as Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

9. Advise them to monitor how much money they are saving using an app.

10. Talk to them!

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