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The University of Amsterdam facilities

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There are plenty of facilities on offer at the University of Amsterdam, including an extensive library, modern study centres and social amenities. Each location of the university has its own unique facilities all waiting for you to explore.


The university has locations spread all across Amsterdam, the Netherlands' capital. A large campus is located to the south east of the city at the Science Park, which can easily be accessed via train or tram. There are also buildings located in the heart of the capital, to the south in the Nieuwe Zijde area of the city.

Amsterdam itself is a vibrant city with plenty of action. Famed for its museums, culture, and relaxed attitude, it's easy to find an area of the city where you'll fit in. It has excellent transport connections, with most people opting to get around via bicycle, or tram for longer distances, plus Amsterdam Schiphol Airport connects the city with the rest of the world.

Library and study facilities

The library is based over several sites across Amsterdam and has more than four million volumes in its collection, meaning it's most likely that you will be able to find the exact material you are looking for here. The main university library is based in Singel, in the centre of the city, and there are several other specialist faculty libraries where you can find materials related to the subject you're studying.

Careers service

The careers team can advise you on how to apply for jobs, the kind of career path that would be suited to your qualifications, and give information on applying for PhD or Masters courses. The careers team also runs Careers Days where you can spend time talking to employers and enhancing your skillset, plus workshops, information sessions, and drop in office hours.


There are plenty of places to grab something to eat or drink on campus: there are four restaurants, four canteens, five cafes, and five coffee bars to choose from. In addition to this, there are plenty of restaurants, bars and shops in Amsterdam where you can find everything you need.

Students' Union

The University of Amsterdam doesn't have one Student Union, rather it has several student organisations that are run by each department. These organisations represent the interests of students and organise regular activities. In addition to this, there are international organisations that represent students as a whole across the globe. More information on student organisations can be found on the university's website.


There's a University Sports Centre where you can practise any sport that takes your fancy. More than 70 sports are on offer at a discounted rate for students, and the main sporting centre is open seven days a week and has a gym, sports halls, a climbing hall, squash courts, a dojo, and a sauna.

Support services

A Student Medical Service is on site that is free to use if you have the proper insurance. You can also see a student dentist, who is accompanied by a qualified dentist, for a small fee, which is a lot cheaper. If you need any help or guidance during your studies then a group of volunteer student counsellors are on hand to give you advice in a range of areas.

Financial aid

There are several scholarships on offer for students coming from a different country, including academic excellence scholarships for those with particularly impressive examination results. In addition to this, EU students can apply for a Dutch grant if coming from a low-income background, which offers benefits such as free travel and small loans.