As reports of the dead rising become rife in the media, the question on everyone’s mind is… are we coming face to face with a zombie apocalypse? If the time comes when the world will be overrun with walking corpses, would you know how to survive?

Whether your answer is yes or no, here are the top tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse… just in case!

1. Get your provisions

There is no chance of surviving unless you have the basics. Pack water, food, medicine and clothes for warmth when sleeping outside. Bear in mind how much you can carry as you may need to be running away from a zombie herd in the near future! You also need to plan carefully as rationing is key- you never know when your next meal will be!

2. Select the most effective weapon

Choose carefully as stealth is a key factor for an efficient weapon. Remember every gunshot will bring zombies swarming towards you! Weapons of choice, if you can get your hands on them, would be blades such as a machete or samurai sword or alternatively a crossbow. However, home-made weapons such as broken bottle shards and chemicals that can be set alight can also be useful in a tight spot.

3. Avoid built-up areas

Zombies tend not to move too far from where they were infected, so cities and heavily populated towns are best avoided. Stick to the woods and the countryside for the optimum cover and keep on moving location, if you stay in one place too long you are sure to come across trouble!

4. Protect your territory

In each place you set up camp, you need to fortify. If this is outdoors, try tying string with metal cans attached around the trees to alert you to the presence of a moving zombie or set traps around the camp. If you are lucky enough to be sleeping indoors, ensure that all the access points are securely locked and barricaded and always have one man on watch.

5. Find a vehicle

It is essential to always have an escape route in case of attack by either the walking dead or living bandits. Park a car up outside and always try to keep a spare bottle of fuel in the back. If you are handy with mechanics, make sure to disable the engine before locking up for the night so that the car can’t be robbed by other survivors. Speed is key for survival.

6. Know your enemy

There are different breeds of zombie so you need to become well aware of what you are dealing with. How can you kill the zombie attacking you? How fast do they move? Do they give away any warning signs when they are near such as groaning? Do they travel in packs or solo? What attracts them to you most- smell, movement, noise? The greatest asset to the living is superior intelligence so use it.

7. Learn how to use and maintain a gun

If you manage to get your hands on a gun then you need to teach yourself how to handle such a valuable weapon. Make sure to familiarise yourself with the safety catch, how to shoot it, how to reload, what ammo it needs and how many rounds it will shoot, whether it has a silencer and how to take it apart, clean it and reassemble it. Know which guns are best for which situations- a shotgun will have the most effect in close quarters, whereas a rifle is an ideal long range weapon.

8. Know how to spot the signs of infection

If you come across another human you immediately need to determine whether or not they are carrying the deathly zombie infection. Look out for open wounds or bites, discoloration of the skin, fever and vomiting. Infected humans might ask you for help but survival means having to look out for yourself.

9. Learn how to hide

There will be situations where attack just isn’t an option. This might be because an entire herd is passing by or a gang of heavily armed thugs are on your trail. There are theories that coating yourself in the blood and insides of a dead zombie will effectively repel other zombies as it masks your human smell. However, this is just a theory and there is a good chance that something else will give you away. Try and position yourself in high up places and stay as still as possible. Both height and large amounts of water can be effective barriers and should be used to your advantage.

10. Form a group

You are much more likely to survive in numbers. Gather your friends, family and other survivors around you to create a strong collective. Invest in taking time to establish leadership, give training and share out chores amongst the group. However, beware of strangers – in a zombie apocalyptic world be careful who you trust!!!

“Your goal is to survive, only survive, and never be a hero.” Max Brookes

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