The Student Housing Company

About The Student Housing Company

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The Student Housing Company provides modern and convenient housing to students across the UK. Their accommodation is a great alternative to university-run halls of residence.

Renting a room from the company is incredibly easy and all accommodation is safe, comfortable and looked after.

You'll find renting with the Student Housing Company refreshingly straight forward, as they try to make everything as clear and upfront as possible. From their plain-speaking name to the simple job titles on their team’s badges, you can easily understand what you're getting and who you're talking to at all times.

The aim of the Student Housing Company is to have buildings close to lots of UK universities that are occupied 100% of the time.

Their promises

The Student Housing Company has made five promises to reflect the quality of their accommodation. They won’t tell you how to survive Freshers’ Week, but they will give you a good indication of what to expect from their standard of service.

  • If things break or go wrong in the buildings the Student Housing Company will fix them quickly and cheerfully.
  • They actively seek student involvement in the company through placements so their offer is being shaped by actual customers.
  • The people who work in your building have been hired for their integrity, friendliness and willingness to go that bit further.
  • All the costs you'll face to rent a room will be displayed up front.
  • The Student Housing Company, will read and consider all of your suggestions on how to improve the company's service.

The people

The people hired to work at the Student Housing Company are hired for their friendliness and willingness to go that bit further. So whether you need help settling in, need to know where to put the bins out, or any other little thing, there will always be a friendly face around to help you out.