The Student Housing Company

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Whether you would like to book a room, or share some suggestions and comments, you can find all the information in the Student Housing Company's FAQ section.

If you’d like to book a room, or you’d like to find out what is involved in the process, then you can easily find the information on the website. However, if your question isn’t frequently asked, you can drop the company an email on [email protected]

Visiting a residence

You probably don't want to go by photos alone, and that's why the Student Housing Company lets you visit the residences at a time to suit you. Whether you want to spend 10 minutes checking everything out, or an hour chatting to the friendly staff on site, the day is yours.

You can book a visit on the website, and usually there are a wide variety of days and times so you can fit in a visit around your schedule. The company is accommodating so if you have any special requests, you can ask when you book.