The Student Room's Student in a Million 2014 nominees and their guests

November 13th marked World Kindness Day so the TSR Community have shared their stories to celebrate their kindness!

Here are the highlights so far!

Ruthless Dutchman
“Yesterday on my way home on the train, I was sitting in a 4 seat bay in the middle of the train (Merseyrail trains), a group of 4 people came on, a husband and wife, and most likely daughter and boyfriend. The parents sat in the two seats around me but the young couple who obviously wanted to stay nearby and stick together sat on seats on opposite aisles. I had a feeling they would have wanted to all sit together so I moved to another seat for them. It was only small but they were very thankful. ”
“Earlier this month I was making my way home through Clapham Junction, it was rush hour and everyone was rushing through the platform to make their evening train, myself being one of them. I was running through the tunnel to catch my train when I heard this lady shouting "excuse me, excuse me" and I turned to see a blind couple both with dogs trying to make their way through the masses, everyone was passing them without a glance.

So I went up to them , told them I could help them , guided them hand in hand through the station right up to a seat on their platform and asked the guard to ensure they got on the right train .”
“It was exam period during second year and my friend and I were getting food from Tesco (Fleet street on a Sunday means reduced everything). There was a homeless guy outside and long story short, I gave the idea to my friend to buy ALL of the sandwiches from Tesco and give him enough food for a few days and his friends.”
“There was a lost little year 7 and I showed her where she needed to go! its been over half a term already but she was soo small and looked worried so I felt I'd show her around! Soo cute!
Not that big but it felt good to see her calm down!
“In Pakistan, I have a cousin who is about 10 years old and who was born with brain damage as a result of medical negligence. He can't speak, go to school or function independently. Unfortunately, there's a negative stigma surrounding children like that in our neighbourhood there so everyone just leaves him out of the kids (including his own siblings) and even the adults ignore him, bully him, tease him, take advantage of him etc. So when I last went a few weeks ago, I'd had enough of that so basically made sure he was included in everything we did and severely told off anyone who hurt him. We became good friends towards the end of my visit, he'd always bring a tennis ball up to me when he wanted to play and it was so sweet but sad seeing how happy he was when being included in things.”
“Got my mum some ferrero chocolates (the new Christmas-y ones and some other fancy ones, in cup shape???), when I went home. Just ...because.”
“All I can think of is when we had to get into partners for a chemistry practical today there was one person who was left out (this person is always left out, it's really sad, so me and my partner offered the person to come in as a three with us. I'd hardly spoke to him before today and he actually turned out to be a really cool guy, but he's struggled to make friends since joining the 6th form quite late into the term. He then hung out with me and my friends at lunch, and will hopefully integrate into a member of our group. ”
“The most recent is probably paying for this Spanish girl's bus ticket this morning because she forgot her purse.”
“Recently offered food to a homeless guy. Someone dropped their phone on the coach to London and I picked it up and gave it to them a few days ago. My sister invited me to go to an event on Saturday. I didn't want to go as it's about self-development and was delivered by a spiritual enthusiastic guy but I went to please her. I continue to visit my grandmother 2-3 times a week to keep her company and cook and run errands. I donated to a friend who was fundraising for a charity in the last week.”
What have you done to put a smile on the face of a loved one or stranger?

Post in this thread to celebrate your kindness and nominate your friends to take part!