Following the successful landing and subsequent loss of contact with the Rosetta probe on Comet 67P, six billion kilometres away from Earth, we decided to take a look at long distance relationships.

Long-distance relationships (LDRs) are becoming increasingly commonplace as jobs become more spread across the country, student couples leave to study at different universities and couples take part in international relationships whilst travelling, working or studying abroad.

We asked the community what their thoughts were on LDRs.

Here’s what they had to say.

LDRs are a tough question to me. The long distance would have to be temporary I think. Unless I really thought she was 'the one', I don't think I'd want to do it. [miser]

The simple answer is, everyone's different.

Some work out, some don't. There are many factors involved, and in some cases the LDR might not be the problem.

Personally? I've been with my boyfriend for almost five years and we're in our third year of long-distance due to uni. We've had our ups and downs but, ultimately, I feel pretty safe in the knowledge that we'll make it through and move in together come the end of his degree.

No point worrying about what may / may not happen. Just go with the flow, be open and honest with each other, and make them a priority. That's about it, really. [TattyBoJangles]

They do work if both people want it bad enough, plus you appreciate the time you spend with your partner when you spend so much time apart. [Rock Fan]

Being long distance can be a real pain. I've been long distance for nearly four years and a lot of that time has been spent very much missing my boyfriend and wishing we could be closer together.

I don't know about working together for a common goal, but it's definitely easier when it's only for a limited time. I've known all along that we wouldn't be able to live together - or even close to each other - until after I've finished university which wouldn't be before 2015, so even though it was a long way off, there is at least an end date. If we were uncertain as to when we would be able to live together, then that would be awful - dragging it out and not knowing when it would end would be terrible.

My main advice for people is that they should only try to maintain a long distance relationship if they are totally in love and committed and see themselves together for a really long time to come, because otherwise it's not worth the pain of separation. [Plumstone]

I always have mixed feelings when a theme od LDR comes up. Especially when right now I have to decide whether to move away for uni or to stay in my hometown where my boyfriend is.

Personally I can't imagine myself being in one. And it's not because of scares that he will lie to me or cheat. It's mainly because I know how emotionally I'm attached to him, and how much I need to see him that I think it will cause far too much pain to be able to just have a normal life at uni for four years.

I do believe however that they can work. It depends how committed the people involved are and possibly how emotionally strong they're. [Obliviate]

I'm in the forces I work away from my fiancée mon-fri at the moment with a 3.5 hour commute every week. Next year I will get posted anywhere in the country or potentially a couple of places abroad, I won't find out until a week before I move. May end up being at the other end of the country having to fly home! [Alpha Tango]
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