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Welcome to The Student Room

Welcome to The Student Room!

The Student Room (or TSR as it is affectionately known) is a thriving free student discussion forum, if you can think of a topic there will be somewhere for you to discuss it on TSR.

The Student Room is the world's largest and fastest-growing student community, with more than 1.1 million members. We also have the TSR wiki which has thousands of pages of revision notes, hundreds of sample UCAS personal statements and articles on everything from gap years to coping with long-distance relationships.

The site welcomes people from any stage of education. You can read and post messages in any of our forums free of charge. We only ask that you register (which will take a few seconds.) Once you have done this you can join in any existing discussions, start your own and contribute to the ever-growing array of resources and information for students.

Why should I register?
First of all, registration is completely free. Registration is quick and simple, and only by registering can you get the complete forum experience. Registering with TSR enables you to:

  • Interact with other members, by starting new discussions, taking part in existing ones and using the Private Message system
  • Access our brilliant learning tools, including an interactive revision timetable, library of assignments and coursework and much more
  • Get involved with the TSR community, by contributing to the TSR Wiki, aiding with site development, or joining one of the site helper teams
  • Customise your profile, and personalise your account with avatars, signatures and more
  • Make use of other site features, such as photo albums, social groups, and friend lists
  • Enhance your browsing experience by choosing your own background colour, display options and notification settings
  • And much, much more!

Want to register? Then click here.

How do I register?
In order to register, you need to click one of the register links across the site, or click here.

Registration is simple and will take less than a minute. All you need to do is to choose yourself a username, and provide a valid email address. Once you've registered you're free to get involved with the TSR community!

My activation email has not arrived
When you register, you're given the choice to either use the slider or receive an activation email. If you use the slider, you're registered straight away. If you choose the email, that email is generated immediately. Sometimes email programs will place our activation email in 'spam' or 'junk' folders. Please check these if you don't think you have received the activation email. If you are still stuck, contact us at [email protected]

Who runs The Student Room?
The Student Room is run by a large collection of people, ranging from the paid members of staff (The Community Team) to the voluntary helpers (Support Team). The Community Team work for the company that owns TSR, The Student Room Group, and are based at the company's head office in Brighton, in the UK, and are generally responsible for the behind-the-scenes running of the site. The Support Team are varied bunch, who dedicate much of their time to helping students on a day-to-day basis. Read on for a break down of what each role consists of.

Community Team

The Community Team's raison d'etre is the continued growth of The Student Room. Working with the Support Team and all site users they plan the direction TSR should take and then work to get us there.

Section Leader

Section Leaders are long standing members handpicked for their understanding of TSR and their leadership skills. They specialise in and oversee a specific section of TSR and work closely with the Support Team in that section.

The majority of a Section Leader’s time is taken up providing support and leadership to their Support Team and working closely with the Community Team.

Support Team

The Support Team are active and respected members within a specific forum or group of forums. They are selected for their keen interest and positive contributions within that area of TSR.

The Support Team members are responsible for facilitating discussion, nurturing community and keeping things tidy and friendly in their area(s).

In addition, the Support Team also work with members in their specific forums to make recommendations to the Community Team on improvements that could enhance their sub community on TSR. This could be updates to the forum; but also wider resources such as articles, blogs, photos, partnership suggestions etc.

Community Assistants

Community Assistants are responsible for keeping their specific forum area orderly, by moving posts, merging threads and tagging threads appropriately.

TSR Group Staff

Those known as TSR Group Staff are employed by The Student Room's parent company, The Student Room Group Ltd. They may interact with the site from time to time, but on the whole their job doesn't require them to be on TSR most of the time, unlike The Community Team.

Those in the TSR Group Staff may work in different departments within the company such as sales, development and finance. Because most TSR Group Staff members aren't consistently on the site, we ask that any questions on the site be made to either our Community Team or Support Team.

To find out who is in the Support Team, or any of the other teams listed above, see .

What's a thread/sticky/wiki? etc - The TSR Glossary
TSR has a number of terms for specific things that some new members may struggle to understand. To prevent the need to ask about them, we've provided a Glossary of TSR terms to help you out. Below are the basics, but for a more in depth list of terms and definitions, see the TSR Glossary on the Wiki.

What's a thread?
On the forums, a 'thread' is the name given to a topic of discussion, into which members' comments are made. The title of a thread should make it clear what that discussion is about.

What's a post?
A 'post' is the name given to each individual comment made in threads by TSR members.

What's a sticky?
A 'sticky' is a thread that is literally 'stuck' at the top of the forum by the Community Team or Support Team. Usually it will be a reference thread, or large discussion thread that prevents the forum being clogged up by lots of smaller threads with the same topic of discussion.

What's the Wiki?
The 'Wiki' is the area of TSR that holds all the articles written and edited by TSR members.

Advertising on The Student Room
The Student Room represents the voice of UK students and young people.
To find out more about advertising opportunities on The Student Room and to benefit from insight into a youth audience contact us at:

Please note: It is against our rules to allow advertising within forum posts and wiki pages so please do not post promotional material there as they will be removed and you could find yourself banned.

How are you feeling ahead of results day?

The Student Room, Get Revising and Marked by Teachers are trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd.

Register Number: 04666380 (England and Wales), VAT No. 806 8067 22 Registered Office: International House, Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XE