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What do I do if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, please find the retreive username / password prompt on the sign in page.

If you are not receiving the prompt emails, please contact us.

How do I delete my account?
You can now delete your own account. To do so, hover over your username in the top bar. Then select 'Cutomise my TSR' > 'Edit my login settings'.

How do I change my username?
You can now change your own username. To do so, hover over your username in the top bar. Then select 'Cutomise my TSR' > 'Edit my login settings'.

How do I change my email settings? (To stop receiving notifications etc)
In order to help you keep up to date with threads you have started and replied to, friend requests and other such things, TSR can send you email notifications. It is also possible to turn these notifications off if you would prefer not to receive them. In order to do so, click the Settings link in the menu bar, then choose Edit Options from the Settings drop down list. Alternatively, click here to be taken straight to your Options page.

How do I delete my thread?
Although members are able to edit and delete their own posts in unlocked threads, they are not able to delete their own threads. If you wish to have a thread you have started deleted, post in the Ask the Community Team forum, linking your thread and your reasons. Unfortunately we only delete threads if they reveal personal, identifiable information about a user, or break our community guidelines.

What are Widgets?
'Widgets' is the name given to the customisable content boxes on your home page and in the side bar that accompanies you across the forums, such as 'Who Quoted Me' and 'Discussions'. Each Widget corresponds to a different function or aspect of TSR, and each Widget is itself customisable.

By selecting 'Customise TSR', either from the Settings dropdown link in the Settings Page or from the bottom left hand side of the 'My TSR' homepage, or by clicking on the 'Edit' button on each Widget, you can choose which Widgets you wish to have displayed on your homepage and in your sidebar. You can mix and match as many or as few Widgets as you wish to have displayed, and you can have a different number and selection displayed on your homepage to those in your sidebar. Just use the arrows on the customise page to drag and drop the widgets in to the order you want.

Once you have selected which Widgets you wish to have displayed on each page, you can then customise each individual Widget by selecting how many results to show in each widget. For example, if you post a lot in a wide range of threads, you may wish to display more than your last 10 quotes in the 'Who Quoted Me' Widget, so that you can keep up with who has responded to you. Conversely, if you only pay a passing interest to the 'Article Updates' Widget, but don't want to remove it completely, you may wish to only display the last few updates, just in case anything catches your eye.

The Widgets

Article Updates - Article Updates allows you to keep track of newly created wiki articles, and the most significant updates to existing articles. Configure the widget to display exactly how many updates you want to see.

Discussions - The Discussions widget shows you the latest and most popular threads from across the site.

Notifications - The Notifications widget displays updates when you receive a Private Message, Picture Comment or Visitor Message. Also get notified of Group Invitations, Group Requests and Friend Requests.

Related Content - When viewing a thread, the Related Content widget displays related threads and articles, where they exist.

Reputation Received - The Reputation Received widget displays the reputation you've recently received from other users. Configure the widget to show as many as you want. For subscribers, it also contains a link to the reputation you've given.

Watched Forums - The Watched Forums widget lets you keep track of any new posts or threads in the forums you've selected to watch.

Watched Threads - The Watched Threads widget lets you keep track of new posts in your watched threads.

Who Quoted Me - Find out who quoted you, where and when, by selecting the Who Quoted Me widget. Configure the widget to see more or less as you see fit.

How and where can I post anonymously?
Some forums on The Student Room allow members the opportunity to post anonymously. This is to allow members to discuss and/or share experiences about sensitive issues that they may not wish to have identified with their account. For example, many members wish to seek advice on health or relationship issues, but without the anonymous function would be wary of doing so for fear that people they know in real life or through the forum would find out information that they would rather keep personal.

Where can I post anonymously?

The forums in which you can currently post anonymously are:
  • Health
    • Mental Health
    • Sexual Health
  • Relationships
    • Friends, Family and Work
    • Romantic Relationships

How do I post anonymously?

When you are in a forum in which The Student Room has enabled anonymous posting, you can post anonymously by checking the ‘Post Anonymous’ tick box, located above the message box when you are using the ‘Post A Reply’ or ‘Quote’ function, and under the message box when using the ‘Quick Reply’ function.

Abuse of the anonymous function will not be tolerated, and member’s that do so are likely to be warned, and their messages will be removed or exposed as the moderator sees fit. To read more about the moderation system, click here.

How do I embed YouTube videos in a post?
Embedding YouTube videos into your posts is actually incredibly easy. All you need to do is put YouTube tags - [youtube][/youtube] – around the code for the video you wish to embed. For example, if you wish to embed this video then you would simply need to add to your message:


Can I ignore another member?
TSR has an Ignore function that you can put to use if you find another member of TSR and their style of posting annoying, and you do not wish to have to read their posts. When you have someone on ignore, their posts will be blocked out in threads that you are viewing. In place of their post will be a simply message telling that this user is on your ignore list, and a link for you to read that particular post if you wish.

In order to place another member on ignore, simply go to your ignore list (accessible by clicking the Settings link in the menu bar and then selecting Ignore List from the Friends drop down menu, or by clicking here and then add a member's username to the list and click 'Okay'. Alternatively, you can click through to a member's profile and add them to your ignore list via the link in their profile.

How do I become a member of the Support Team?
Support Team members on TSR are chosen by the upper echelons of the TSR hierarchy for their common sense and commitment to the forums. This includes posting helpful and informative messages, showing respect for other members, staying within the rules, and post reporting anything bad they see. Whilst having a warnings history does not automatically rule you out from being a member of the Support Team, you have to have proved that you are now a positive contributor to the site. We start all our Support Team as a Community Assistant first. You can apply through the Community Assistant Applications forum.

What is your favourite revision method?

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