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How do I change the font and style of text in my posts?
To make your formatting fancy, you will be required to use BBCode (BB stands for Bulletin Board).

If you click Post a Reply to post your message you may notice various ways of easily adding in this code to change the appearance of your post (colour, size, position etc).

For a full list of the BBCode available, please click here.

Why isn't my post count increasing?
Post count is turned off in certain forums, so when you post in them your post count doesn't increase.

These forums are currently: Chat and Welcome Lounge.

Why have some of the words in my post been starred out?
On TSR we have what's known as a swear filter.

This filter is applied so that certain pre-determined words are starred out. So for example, a four letter word in the swear filter would become: ****

There are a number of reasons as to why we have the swear filter on the site. Firstly, we have a responsibility to all users to make the site as accommodating as possible, whether this be to our younger or older audience. We believe such a filter both accommodates and encourages profanity-free debate and discussion on the site.
The filter's tenure has also been as a result of feedback from site members, who have expressed various reasons for wanting profanity-free discussion on the site. Namely to aid higher quality postings from site members.

Having the swear filter has also been known to avoid firewalls and filters in schools, allowing access to the site which would otherwise not have been possible. Since this is an incredibly important demographic to TSR, anything that aids students using the site in school is a positive.

Finally...please don't avoid the swear filter!

How do I use LaTeX on TSR?

You can use one of two engines to put TeX into a post, [latex] and [tex]. The [latex] tag is preferred as it uses a nicer engine; the [tex] tag is provided for historical reasons and produces less nice-looking stuff.

To use either of these enter TeX code between [latex] or [tex] tags in your post, e.g. :

[latex]\Huge x=\frac{-b\pm\sqrt{b^2-4ac}}{2a}[/latex]

View a tutorial and syntax guide for TeX here (external link).

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