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What is my profile and how do I get to it?
Your profile is your own personal area of the site, in which you can include a number of different details about yourself - such as your academic info, your interests and so on - to give other members an idea of who you are.

To see your own profile, simply select your username from the toolbar at the top of the page (you will need to be logged in to do this):

You can also click on your username where it appears in your posts or on the members list to go through to your own profile.

How do I change the information in my profile?
Once in your profile, you will notice your About Me tab has a number of small pencil icons next to the headers.

By selecting a pencil icon, you will be able to edit that section.

Alternatively, these settings can be changed by visiting your profile settings page, here:

What are avatars and how do I set mine up?
Each user of the site is able to set up an avatar. Avatars are images that appear with a users post, to the left of their username. For example a user without an avatar:

A user with an avatar (maximum size 50 x 50 pixels):

A subscriber with an avatar (maximum size 100 x 100 pixels):

For more information regarding subscriptions, click here

To set your avatar, you will need to go to this page:, where you can choose from a range of pre-selected avatars, or you can upload your own from your computer.

How do I change my username colour?
As seen in the above screenshot, a subscriber is able to change their username colour to any colour they wish.
Once subscribed, this can be changed from within your options (bottom of the page).

This is one of many perks of our subscription package. Click for more details

What are status titles 'Junior Member' etc?
As you post more, you get different status titles under your name.

Postcount Status Title
0New Member
25Junior Member
75Full Member
150Respected Member
250Exalted Member
400Adored and Respected Member
600 Benevolent Member
900Exalted and Worshipped Member
1400Peer Of The TSR Realm
2000Overlord in Training
3500Vengeful, Imperial Overlord of The Student Room
5000TSR Demigod
7500TSR Idol
10000TSR Legend
15000TSR Royalty
25000TSR Deity

How do I change my usertitle?
As another perk of the subscriptions package, only subscribers are able to change their usertitles. Usertitles can be set to anything that the member wishes - within the rules - though there is a character limit.

An example of a personalised usertitle:

For more details about subscriptions, click here.

What are signatures and how do I set mine up?
Each member has the ability to create a signature, which will appear under the posts that member makes in threads on the forum. Signatures therefore are another way that members can express their interests and personality. Typical signatures include quotes that the member finds amusing, funny images, song lyrics, smileys, and links to other websites.

There is a character limit to signatures and a maximum size of images you can upload, in order to prevent the forum being too clogged up and to ensure loading times are kept to a minimum.

In order to set up your signature, you need to visit this page:

Having a signature is not a requirement, and by omitting to fill it in you will simply not have a signature to accompany your posts. If you have set a signature, by default it will appear under your posts (though it will only appear once on each page of a thread). You can change this so that you can choose when to display your signature and when not to via a check box before you click post reply.

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