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What are Social Groups?
Social Groups is a feature on TSR that enables members to join and, if necessary, create groups for various different things they are interested in. These Groups cover a large range of topics and interests, such as Groups for specific universities, sporting teams, tv shows, and other quirky and interesting hobbies. Groups that you have joined appear in your profile to show other members the sorts of things you are interested in. You can restrict who can see this by using your Privacy Settings.

A link to the Social Groups page can be found on the Community drop down menu:

Here is a direct link to the Social Groups page:

How do I join a Social Group?
To join a social group, simply navigate to a Group that you are interested in joining and select the Join Group button:

Please note: Some social groups will require that you are accepted by the group leader before you are a member of that group. Other groups will allow you to be accepted immediately.
This setting is determined when the group is first created.

How do I create a Social Group?
When on the main Social Groups page you should see a link to Create a new group.

When you create a new group, you need to:
  • Pick a category (a forum on the site the Group is best suited to)
  • Give your group a name
  • Give your group a description
  • Select whether or not you wish to automatically accept all join requests, or process the join requests manually.
  • Enable albums (see further down this FAQ for album functionality in groups).
  • Give your social group an image (this is optional, but recommended)

Please note: All new Groups are premoderated and must follow the site rules.

Associating threads with a group - What is this and how do I do it?
When you are a member of a social group, you may associate a thread on the site to that social group. This is so that other members of the social group can easily find threads that may be of interest them.

TThis is easy to do. When you are in a thread and wish to associate it with a group, simply select the Thread Tools button, and select "Add Thread to a Group":

All you then need to do is select the Group(s) you wish to associte the thread. Then click the Associate Thread to Selected Groups button:

These will then appear within the social group, under an Associated Threads header. Group leaders or Group deputies will be able to remove the threads, should they wish to.

Associating pictures with a group - What is this and how do I do it?
When you are a member of a social group, you may associate pictures from your picture albums to that social group. This enables you to share relevant pictures that other members of the group may be interested in.

To do this, you need to go to your albums page.

Then select an album which contains images you wish to associate with a group.
You can then select the Add Photos to a Group button:
You are also able to associate individual images to a group from within the image page, by selecting:

What are Group leaders and Group deputies?
Group Leaders

When a Group is created, the creator is automatically designated as the Group leader.
Should the leader wish to handover the role, they may do so on the social group by selecting the Transfer Group link.

Group leaders are responsible for accepting or rejecting join requests for the group, should the group be set up to require moderation of requests. They also have the power to disassociate threads and images that they deem unsuitable for the group.
Group Deputies

Deputies are able to disassociate threads associated with the group. They are also able to add other deputies.

Should a social group require a leadership change (should the leader be absent for a prolonged period of time for example), the deputies will then be considered to take leadership of the group.

How do I leave a Social Group?
If you wish to leave a social group, navigate to the group's page and select the Leave Group link located under the group's image.

If you are the leader of a group and wish to leave the group, you will be required to transfer the group (a group must have a leader) by selecting the Transfer Group link from within the group.

If you wish to delete a social group, please contact a moderator in Ask A Moderator.

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