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Using TSR's study tools
I have clicked on the 'calculate' icon but a revision timetable has not appeared
Check your exams. Are they all set in the future? Is the year correctly set? Have you set the date you want to start revising correctly (it must be in the future)? If there are still problems please contact us [add email address].

I can't work out how to use the sliders when proritising subjects to revise for
The sliders enable you to proritise your revision for particular exams. This may be a good idea when one or more of your exams doesn't need much revision or when particular exams are really important and/or require lots of revision.
Leaving all sliders in the centre indicates that you want to spend an equal amount of time on revision for all your exams. Moving the slider to the right indicates that you want to spend more time on revision for that exam. Moving the slider to the left shows that you want to spend less time revising for that exam. Moving the slider affects the calculation of revision time for all your exams because the more you spend on one, the less is available to spend on others.
The revision timetable calculator will take your priorities into account when calculating your revision timetable.

I can't open a resource
If you are having trouble opening a specific resource, please make sure you have the correct software. If you are using an older version of Microsoft Office, you can download a Compatability Pack from Microsoft which will enable you to open files that have been created by newer version of the software.

I want to delete a resource I have saved or uploaded
You can delete resources from within your account settings page. It's handy for everybody if we all delete resources we have started but don't intend to complete. That way, people only see the good stuff!

I don't understand how to use the star system to rate resources
Start on the left and drag the mouse to the right until you arrive on the number of stars you want to give the resource. Then click.

My revision cards have disappeared
Sometimes we do a spot of spring cleaning and delete revision cards where no content has been added. We don't want members to get frustrated when they open a card to find no information.

Is the site moderated?
Material on the site is regularly moderated. But it is really helpful if users of the site report inappropriate content or misuse to us.

Anything else?
Please tell us what other aspects of the site you would like help with.

Using our assignment and coursework library
Are all documents marked by a teacher?
No – our team of teachers pick documents from our database to highlight particular points of interest that they believe best highlight important points that will help you write better essays.

We are constantly evolving the content, and hope to provide marked examples in the areas that will help you most. However, as with most things this will take time. If you have any suggestions or comments that you believe will help us improve, we would love to hear them! Please contact us.

Who are the peer reviewers and how do they work?
Our peer review team is made up of students who recently excelled (in most cases received an A* or equivalent) in the subjects they review. They work in teams to provide feedback on documents in three key areas:
  • Interpretation of question
  • Level of analysis
  • Quality of writing

Where does the work on the site come from?
The database of work has been collated over the years exclusively from students submitting their own work to our websites. The teacher and reviewer feedback, plus the subject specific hints and tips are all provided by our in-house team of experts. The collective input provides you with the information needed to write grade-winning work.

What does the star rating system mean?
Any document that has either been marked by one of our teachers or reviewed by our peer review team has been given a star rating. The star rating is given to give a rough indication of the overall quality of the document.

I can't find an essay on my subject – why?
The documents within our database are user generated. Although it is unlikely that we won't have something useful for you, it does sometimes happen. Please use our search tool to find similar documents.

My work is found on your site, however I never submitted it to the site, nor gave you permission to publish it – why/how have you got it?
Work can only appear on our site if a user submits it to one of our online coursework libraries (not necessarily Marked by Teachers), and accepts our terms and conditions which state that they guarantee that they have the intellectual property rights for that document.

If someone has fraudulently submitted your work to our site, please send us the URL of the document (the address in address bar of your browser), along with a short description of the problem. Our team will then investigate the issue and may require further information from you.

The document does not appear to have a reference list or bibliography, and I need it to reference my own work, how can I view this? If the document doesn't have a reference list and bibliography (located at the end of the document), then unfortunately it means these items were not submitted with the original document and therefore we don't have access to them.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this – however you can reference the essay itself in your own work - for more information on how to do this, please see our guide to good referencing – Avoid Plagiarism Like the Plague.

I want to contact the author of the coursework I am reading in order to ask him/her questions about it – can you please tell me who the author is and how I can contact them?
Sorry, but to protect the privacy of our users we can't provide their contact details.

Will you write work for me? We do not offer a customer writing service or any direct help with coursework. Please check out our essay writing guide for helpful tips and advice.

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