20th Century Features of Pulcinella Suites - Stravinsky

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How many players was this piece originally written for, and how many did Strav write for?
Written for a maximum of 4 people, Strav wrote it for a 32 person chamber orchestra.
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Unusual solo instrument used in the Vivo?
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What is unusual about the seperate solo string group in the 'concerto grosso' style
Corelli would have used 2 violins, a cello and a continuo organ/harpsichord, Strav uses 5 solo string parts and no continuo.
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Lots of added articulation such as bowing marks and slurs, 20th century feature.
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What would you expect from Double Bass and Cello parts usually?
In 18th century music, they usually double eachother, in pulcinella suites they cary a lot (eg. double bass has a virtuoso solo in the vivo)
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Stopping on the violins?
Violin 2 uses double and triple stopping in bars 1-4 of sinfonia.
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What woodwind instrument is missing from the sinfonia?
Clarinet, use of standard double woodwind but no clarinet.
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How is the tutti sections emphasised in the vivo
Dynamics! Adds emphasis to the change in layers of music
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Is there a tutti section in the Sinfonia?
Yes, bars 1-4
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Stravs opinion on a constant bass line?
Occasionally likes to leave it out completely, bars 29-30 sinfonia.
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Do the instruments play within their range in the Sinfonia
Yes mostly, apart from slightly high top A in cello.
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Unusual features of the bassoon in Gavotta
Glissandi (b.15) + Alberti Bass phrase (Variation 2)
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Orchestra in the Vivo?
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What effect does the Trombone play that gives the piece a 'circus like' feel
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The Vivo ends with what group of players?
A small group of players, just trombone cello and basses.
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What does 'du talon' mean?
Music played at the heel of the bow - unusual to have so much scripted articulation.
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Is the double bass always playing in range?
DB plays unnaturally high in the Vivo.
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Bar 17 Sinfonia, unusual rhythm?
Notes sustained over barlines
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B.24 Sinfonia, clashing rhythms?
Dotted rhythms played over suspensions
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Example of heterphony in the Vivo
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Lots of the rhythms had a ____ influence
JAZZ - eg, b.40 in Vivo in Double Bass
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Final Cadence?
3-1 Cadence! Not a perfect Cadence.
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1 bar of monophony in Vivo b.54
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Structure of Sinfonia
Rounded Binary
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Structure of Gavotta
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Structure of Vivo
Rounded Binary
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Suspensions in bar 37 are...
played over a repeating quaver sequence, which contrasts hugely.
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What note has Stravinsky left out at b.69 of the Gavotta to make the key change less smooth
Strav has left out the G Sharp, which is needed to modulate to A.
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7th clashing at b _ of the gavotta
b.76 with the C and the B
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Unusual note length in the Vivo?
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How is the Cadence at b.33 of the Vivo undermined?
Strav has left out G's, makes the chord like 5b-1 rather than 5-1
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Unusual solo instrument used in the Vivo?



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What would you expect from Double Bass and Cello parts usually?


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