A Child to his sick Grandfather- Edexcel GCSE 9-1 Poetry- Relationships cluster

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Name of the Poet
Joanna Baillie
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Date the poem was written
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Key point
Represents powerful emotions and shows the effect of memories and family bonding.
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Context (religion)
Brought up as a christian and followed the preachings of the bible, including: "honour thy father and mother"
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Context (Type of poem)
Emotional topic and interest in 'normal' life is typical of a romantic poem in this era
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3 language points (subject terminology)
Alliterative sibilance(1st stanza),,,,, Age lexis and imagery(line 1 and 13),,,,, Alliteration and plosives(Line 14-15)
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3 form/ structure points (subject terminology)
Repetition of noun,,,,,,, shortened last line in each stanza,,,,,, Fixed rhyme scheme
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Alliterative sibilance (stanza 1 quote)
"Can scarce support your bended corse"
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Age lexis and imagery quotes. (line 1 and 13)
"old". "frail". "lank". "thin"
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Alliteration and plosives (quote Line 14-15)
" Scant are the white hairs on your crown; how wan and hollow are your cheeks!"
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Noun repetition
"dad" - at the end of each stanza
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Rhyme scheme
AABBCC- reminiscent of nursery rhymes
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What to compare 'A Child to his Sick Grandfather' with?
'My Father Would Not Show Us'- Ingrid De Kok
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