A Streetcar Named Desire - Quotes

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Men description
"solid blues, a purple [...] as course and direct and powerful as the primary colors."
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Blanche description
"daintily dressed in a white suit [..] earrings of pearl, white gloves, hat."
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Blanche simile
"Her delicate beauty must avoid a strong light [...] suggests a moth."
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Stanley description by Blanche
"such a man has to offer is animal force." "brute."
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Stella's reinforcement
"tell her she's looking wonderful. That's important to Blanche. Her little weakness."
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Blanche's delusion
"put a paper-lantern over that light [...] I'm fading now! I don't know how much longer I can turn the trick."
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Mortality opposite
"Death [...] the opposite is desire."
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Mortality - Blanche
"I-I-I took the blows in my face and body! All those deaths!" "You are as fresh as a daisy" "One that's been picked a few-days."
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Blanche's description of their relationship
"brutal desire - just desire!"
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Stage directions of Stanley
"Animal joy [...] in all his movements and attitudes [...] he sizes women up with a glance."
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Stella and Stanley
"They come together with low, animal moans."
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Blanche and setting
"Her appearance is incongruous to the setting."
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Stanley - class
"You thought I was common dirt [...] I pulled you off them columns and how you loved it." "I'm the king around here!"
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Stella - hit
"Drunk-drunk-animal thing, you! [...] [Stanley charges after Stella] [...] sound of a blow. Stella cries out."
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Stella justifies excessive man
"It's a drive he has."
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Blanche's view of Stanley
"That man is my executioner! That man will destroy me."
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Blanche - class
"It's a French Name."
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Stanley's primal action
"Meat! [he heaves the package at her.] "
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"transfer to one called cemeteries and [...] get off at - Elysian Fields!" - those in need of salvation.
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Old values
"I have old-fashioned ideals!"
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Blanche description


"daintily dressed in a white suit [..] earrings of pearl, white gloves, hat."

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Blanche simile


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Stanley description by Blanche


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