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1. With respect to spinal reflexes;

  • reflexes may be elicited if the dorsal roots are cut
  • every reflex involves at least one synapse in the spinal cord
  • the response only ever leads to the contraction of one muscle
  • every reflex involves a synapse in the dorsal root ganglion
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2. Which one of the following is NOT a substance typically reabsorbed by the tubules under normal healthy conditions?

  • water
  • sodium
  • urea
  • glucose

3. connection pathways between the left and right cerebral hemispheres form the;

  • corpus callosum
  • thalamus
  • brain stem
  • limbic system

4. The triangular regions of the kidneys that are striped in appearance and separated by the renal columns are the;

  • renal pyramids
  • renal calyces
  • renal cortex
  • renal pelvis

5. Regarding the transport of glucose by the renal tubules;

  • a transport maximum for glucose is about 36 mg min-1
  • in a healthy person, the proximal tubules reabsorb most of the glucose
  • in a healthy person, the distal tubules reabsorb all the filtered glucose
  • glucose is secreted in the urine in small quantities


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